When to Schedule Practices

In the morning? The evening? Afternoon? What’s the best time for practices?

This depends completely on your team. Of course you don’t want to wear out your team and make everyone wake up at 5am for practice; then again, you don’t want them staying till 5 after school everyday or until 9 at night. So take a vote and see what works. When do people want to practice? Not only is this a good way to make everyone happy, but also, if people are telling you when they want to be at practice, then they’re more likely to be happy when they’re at practice. It’s a win-win situation here.

Keeping your members active in decisions is important. If you make decisions for other people without them knowing, they wouldn’t be too happy. Make team decisions. If something doesn’t work out, then work around it. Find out what your team wants!

Check out how to schedule practice for more tips.


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