The truth about endurance January 18


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Endurance is important–but how important?

Here’s a thing about endurance that dancers should understand: you only need a certain amount of it, and any extra endurance won’t help you much.

If Susie can perform the routine once and not be out of breath, that’s great! If Barbara can perform it ten times in a row and still not be out of breath, that’s great as well. But who will do better in the actual performance? They will both perform the same. Why? Because they only perform the routine once (in a row) in the actual performance. So, now you know–you don’t need to have super levels of endurance to be a great dancer. … (come read the rest of the article at the new site! )

In fact, with that knowledge, you know that you only need the endurance to last the full routine once (and, of course, not be out of breath). The great thing about dance is that you know exactly when you start and end. It’s not like other sports, where the length and intensity varies. If you’re on a soccer team and playing against a very tough team, you’ll need more endurance. But on dance, it doesn’t matter. No matter who you’re competing against, you are performing the routine that you’ve been practicing; thus, you only need enough endurance to last that routine. And you know exactly how much you need, now that you’ve practiced it at home (you did practice, I hope!).

This tip may be applicable to your practices. People have a tendency to think that it’s better to march for ten 8-counts, but it doesn’t really help that much if you don’t march that long in your routine (which you probably won’t). Most routines have a maximum of marching for four 8-counts or less, but coaches think that making you march double will somehow magically make you better at the marching part of the routine. Well, it doesn’t. You might be able to march for a mile, but when you’re actually performing, the person who can only march four 8-counts will perform just as well as you.

Therefore, don’t waste time at practice trying to improve endurance when everyone already has it. If everyone can last the entire routine, then that’s enough. They’ve built the endurance–move on and work on something else. There is no need for more endurance at this point. The wonderful advantage about being a dancer is that you will only need a certain amount of endurance for each routine. Take advantage of this by building endurance now and moving on to work on other details.


  1. Anonymous

    this is a really stupid stupid stupid.
    you dont know anything about dance

  2. Anonymous

    i dont know who wrote this but you obviously have never danced in your life! this is not accurate information at all. you need A LOT of endurance. more then just 4 minutes worth

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