Flexibility to the Max–Stretch your splits in 3 weeks!


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I know it sounds crazy. Have your splits down in three weeks when you’re still two feet off the ground? It’s possible, but you just need the time to commit to this. Before you read this, I’ll warn you that it sounds like a TON of time, but think about it . . . you want your splits, right? Why don’t you just get them now so that you don’t waste time thinking about how far from the ground you are? How long have you been trying to get those darn splits down? A year, perhaps two? Three weeks is not bad at all. So, let’s get started:To start off, I’ll leave you this: Stretch where you feel comfortable, but not distracted. An area with a computer, for instance, might be a bad location, because you may be tempted to go on the internet and surf, which destroys your focus and stops your flexibility from improving. Focus and stretch as if you were meditating.

Week #1: Reserve thirty minutes a day to stretching (yes, including weekends, or else it won’t work. If you absolutely cannot stretch on one day, just make sure you get straight back to your stretching routine the next day). Warming up before you stretch is very helpful because it makes your muscles warm and easy to stretch. The warmer you are, the easier the stretch will be; thus, the more success you will have in getting those splits down. And here are your daily stretching routines:
Session 1: 15 minutes. I recommend that you get this over in the morning, before you go to school, work, or whatever you do. After warming up, start your stretches. I recommend that you stretch one minute (at the very least) for each stretch. Remember: the splits are not dependent on one muscle. Helpful stretches are listed and described at the end of this post.
Session 2: 15 minutes. This one I’d say to do before you sleep. Do not slack off because you’re sleepy or tired. Brush your teeth, stretch, then sleep. If you absolutely cannot do session 1 in the morning and session 2 at night, then leave at least 2 hours in between sessions. You need to gain flexibility, have some time off, then work back on the flexibility to regain it and improve it.

Week #2: Keep up with the same thing as week one, but now stretching time is increased to 45 minutes a day. That means there is now a session in between–session 1.5 should be done after school, work, etc. And if not, leave 2 hours in between sessions. You should really start noticing that you’re getting close to the splits.

Week #3: Increase your stretching time to one hour.
This is same as week two, with another session. This is the between dinner and before bedtime one. The free time that you have after dinner and before your last session should be usedfor an additional 15 minutes of stretching. After the end of this week, you should be in your splits! Yipee!

If you’re having problems or not noticing any improvement, try other stretches. Again, a variety of stretches is your best bet. Remember to sit in the splits, or as close as you can go (I know it hurts, but how else can you get it?).

Tip: Stretch when you’re doing an inactive activity, like the laundry, reading a book, watching TV, or talking on the phone. This should be apart from your sessions, which require 100% focus. Extra stretching is always beneficial!

Some helpful stretches:
V-sit: sit with your back flat against a wall. Bring both legs as far back to the wall as you can and keep proper posture and straight legs. While keeping your posture, bring your back down towards the floor as your arms reach out in front of you (not down) as far as possible. Feel the stretch. Do this first pointing your toes, then flexing your feet. Try moving your legs out further as you go on. Also, you can reach out towards your right and left legs. Remember to breathe!
Straight leg stretch: I don’t have a better name for this one. Basically, keep your legs straight and feet together. Stand, and without bending your knees, reach down as far as possible. Put your weight on your toes (not your heels)–this feels a bit unnatural at first, but it is the proper way to stretch. You can also do this one sitting. Sit with proper posture, legs straight out in front of you and ankles together. Reach out with your arms. Do this both flexing and pointing your toes.
Sideways stretch: Ok, so you’ve probably figured out that I’m making up names for the stretches as I go along. Pretty creative, eh? Anyway, the “sidways stretch” goes like this. Stand in the straight leg stretch position. Now bring your right leg out in front of you (like you’re taking a step forward) about two feet. This doesn’t have to be precise, just as long as you’re close. Stand up, keep your posture back. Now reach down to your right foot, keeping your posture back and your hips in line. Your hips shouldn’t shift to aid you in your stretch. Go down slowly, and if you hips shift, come back up and try again. Go as far down as you can without shifting hips. After doing this for a minute, bend your left leg and continue stretching to your right. Now switch legs.
4 Stretch:
Named because it looks like a number 4. Sit down on your butt and put both legs straight out in front of you. Bend your left leg so that your left knee is on the ground, your left foot also on the ground with the flat side touching your right knee, and your right knee is straight with toes pointed. See the 4 that your legs make? Stretch, with proper posture, to your right leg. Reach out with your arms, as far as you can. After a minute, remembering to breathe, of course, flex your right foot and continue reaching out for another minute. Switch legs, and repeat.
Standing V-leg stretch: Stand up, posture back, with your legs shoulder width apart. You can go a little wider if that’s more comfortable for you, but try to keep it as close to shoulder width as possible. Bring your straight arms between and beyond your legs–reach back. Also reach to your right and left legs. Reach down the center, too. As with the straight leg stretch, keep your weight over your toes rather than your heels.
Half squat: Squat. Keep your right leg where it is and place your left leg straight out your left side, toes pointed, as if you were doing the center splits with your left leg. Put your right hand on the ground to the left of your right foot. Use your right elbow to push your right knee out. You should feel stretching your inner thighs. Now flex your feet. Switch sides.
The splits: Well, if you want your splits down, shouldn’t you be doing them? :). Never be discouraged by how far you are from the splits. Just get as close as you can and hold it there for awhile (a minute). Relax, and repeat a few times. You can also do the splits on the wall (preferably, a doorway, so you can keep your balance). In a few days, after doing multiple stretches, you will notice that you’re getting closer. Rejoice!

*Note*–more stretches have been submitted through comments; I edit this post whenever someone leaves a stretching idea. All the new stretches are at the edit section (end) of this article (and in the comments).
All of these stretches usually take about a minute. Above, I’ve given you much more than fifteen minutes of stretching, so spread these stretches out. Do some in one session, others in another session, but try to stretch as many muscles as you can each session. Don’t confine yourself to just one stretch. Do both splits in each session at least once (preferably at the end, to see your improvement).

Another thing to remember is to stretch both legs. A lot of people stretch one leg, while the other leg is completely inflexible. This leads to uneven kicks. It’s a good idea to get both legs flexible so you aren’t stuck with being good with one split and not the other. You never know what split you will encounter in the future!

Remember, you must focus on and want the splits, or else you’ll never get them. The wanting part is easy. Who wouldn’t want to do the splits? The focus is the hard part. Stretching in your kitchen, for instance, is a bad habit. You’ll see that bag of chips and box of cereal and be completely distracted. You’ve lost your focus. If you truly want your splits, you should be stretching like you’re meditating. Think of nothing other than those splits, breathing, and your flexibility. This is not the time to daydream. Now go stretching, and remember, think:

splits, splits, splits, splits, splits, splits, flexibility, splits, breathe, splits, splits . . .

Comment if you need clarification on the stretches or have some good stretches of your own!

Edit 9/6/06: Thanks Hailey for the comment! Here’s another good stretch from her:

A good stretch is the frog. You lye on your stomach, and bring your feet together, with your pelvis on the ground, sort of like the butterfly in reverse, and the goal is to get your feet to touch the ground, still together, and your knee’s bent, and your pelvis on the ground. After you acheve that bring your feet closer to your body and do the same thing over again, untill you can have your knee’s bent, feet and pelvies on the ground, and your feet right against your body. It helps dancers with their turn out too.

–I have heard of this one and tried it myself; it’s a lot harder than it looks, but an excellent stretch. It’s a good before-you-sleep stretch, while you’re in bed and have nothing better to do. Now you can add it to your stretching routines. Hope those splits are coming along well. 😀

Edit 10/4/06: Nina, thank you for the comment. Sorry for the confusion! I hope that this re-explanation of the frog stretch might help you see what it is.
Frog stretch: Lie down belly on the floor. Bend your knees and put your the bottoms of your feet together– push them towards your pelvis, while trying to keep every part of your body flat on the ground. It’s like the “butterfly stretch” except on your stomach. I’m not sure if that’s a universal term, but the butterfly stretch is where you sit on your butt and put your feet together, knees bent. You try to push your knees to the ground and feel the stretch in your inner thigh area. This helps with your center splits because you need flexibility in that area.
If you are getting little results, make sure that you are warming up before stretching (the warmer, the better) and focusing hard on flexibility and nothing else. Get “in the zone” (100% focus) when you stretch. No phone calls, TV, or music if it distracts you. Use a variety of stretches everyday. Don’t forget to breathe. Good luck!

Edit 1/23/07: Thanks, Evi, for suggesting the lunge as a stretch. I usually think of it more as a workout and muscle-strengthening activity, but it does work as a stretch if you let your muscles relax. Here is my explanation of it for those that want to try it: stand up, feet and heels together. Take a step forward with your right foot, keeping a large stride–this is just like the “sideways stretch” position except with a larger space between your legs (for average height, keep around 3-4 feet or whatever is comfortable for you). Now bend your right leg to make it perpendicular to the floor. This is a step before the lunge–the “runner stretch” (I just realized that I forgot to add this!). The runner stretch is helpful for your calves; hold in this position for a minute or two. Now, to get to the lunge, keep your right leg in position, and slide your left foot back as far as possible while keeping your right leg still in perpendicular position from knee down. This is the lunge position. Typically, lunges are done to strengthen your leg muscles (thighs, particularly). If you are interested in doing that, stay in position for about five seconds, then take a step with your left leg and do it again. Keep repeating (you should feel a burn in your thighs) and hold weights at your side if it gets easy for you. It might help if you squeeze your ears with your elbows or hold onto your hips to keep balance (if you are not using weights). To use the lunge as a stretch, place your hands on the floor on each side of your right foot so you can keep balance, ease the pressure off of your thighs, and focus on the stretch more instead of focusing on strengthening your leg muscles. There is a primary goal when stretching, and that is attaining flexibility. Take things one at a time–you can work on leg strength later! Anyway, the lunge is particularly helpful in stretching your inner thighs. Notice that, if you continue sliding your leg back (and let your front foot leave the perpendicular position), you will slide into a split! I found it helpful to get into the lunge position and slide back as far as I could into the splits until I finally got there. Hope that the lunge helps you!

Anyone else have stretches or suggestions? Any confusion on the stretches? Comment!


  1. Hailey

    A good stretch is the frog. You lye on your stomach, and bring your feet together, with your pelvis on the ground, sort of like the butterfly in reverse, and the goal is to get your feet to touch the ground, still together, and your knee’s bent, and your pelvis on the ground. After you acheve that bring your feet closer to your body and do the same thing over again, untill you can have your knee’s bent, feet and pelvies on the ground, and your feet right against your body. It helps dancers with their turn out too.

  2. Tiffany

    Hey i’m the captian of my squad and i been in moives llike Bring It On (All or Nothing) and it was pretty fun, but when it took a long time to finish part 1 of the movie cause most of the girls didn’t know how to cheer or do the splits. So I had someone have the girls stretch for a long time. And I look up this site and it help me and the girls. By week 3 we had all the girls doing spilts and everything jumps, pyramids and yeah cheers. Well Thanks alot. 🙂

  3. Wow. Thanks soooo much! Anyone who says that 3 weeks is long, they’re wrong. It’s bettter than a year!

  4. I have been stretching for a week with little results. I have tried all of the exercises and held each one for 30 sec or 1 min, twice a day and 2 days 3 times a day. I have very minimal results please help. Also I do not understand the frog exercise. Could you please explain a little better.

  5. Jenjen

    has anyone gotten it in three weeek yet???

  6. Katalina

    This website really helped! after 3 weeks i was almost there, it took me 3weeks and 4 more days but then i could do them!! and before i started i tried and i was about a ft. and 3/4 off the ground. Now i can do them and i was voted head cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!!! (luckly I got them before cheer tryouts!

  7. juliee

    wow! im in gym, so i really need to get my splits down a little better then they are. i am going to save this page in faves, an work on it!! i hope i can get em down! thanks for this page!!!

  8. alexus

    thanks!I have been working on my splits for a couple of weeks then i found your program and I could do my right splits during the first session.

  9. leana

    i got my splits in a week! STAY COMMITED

  10. Me in the Yukon

    I sure hope this works……my splits NEED to be flat in 3 weeks or less

  11. Mindy

    Hey I have been wanting to be able to do the splits for quite a while. I tried to stretch myself with little results. I hope this 3 week plan works. I will start tomorrow (Dec 04/06) and let everyone know how it works out. I am NOT flexable at all so if it works for me it should work for any one. wish me luck. expect another post in the 26th

  12. hey umm these stretches are really good,
    i can already do the right leg splits flat and nearly middle but i want to get further down in middle and left leg. i am about 1 inch of the ground in middle.
    some good stretches that i do are the ones like froggy where you sit on your bum and bring your legs in to your pelvis area otherwise out a bit and you push them down to the ground or as far as you can until you get them down to the ground and then you can try to put your head to your feet if you want. its a good stretch. i use it alot. And thanx for the advice ure a cool site.

  13. Terrance Paul

    I just discovered your website regarding doing the full side split. I will reread your program and give it a shot starting Monday, 12/11/06, and report my progress. Years ago, I was down to an inch or two from doing a full side split but degenerative arthritis in my left hip stopped my progress dead in its tracks. About four years, I had complete left surgery replacement and was order by my doctor, and wife, to avoid doing stretching exercises. Last year, I felt enough was enough and jumped into a fitness routine at the health club and started to slowly get back into a stretch routine. I was so tight. I thought my fingers will never passs my kneecaps in the toe touch exercise. Now, depending on the day and warmup, I am around six to twelve inches from doing a complete side split. I just seem to hit a wall and no matter how hard or how long I try to reach the floor, no go. So, I was happy to discover your website and now I have a goal.

    Thank you

  14. beauty

    thanx soooo much for all of this wonderful advice!!!!, drill team try outs are less than a month a way, and though i am an incredible dancer (no joke) i can only do the right splits and center and left dont seem to be getting any better with my current stretch routine. im gonna start this first thing tomoro!!! i really appriceate this, and i will like it even more if i make the team 😀

  15. Hannah

    i really hope that this works!!!! i have drill team tryouts in about 4 and1/2 weeks and have to have my right and left splits!!! i will tell yall how it turns out on Feb.1st

  16. cora

    what happens when you miss a session on the 3rd week? I did, i was really tired cause i didn’t stretch in the morning so i had to stretch an hour…i only stretched like 20 minutes. I had the middle splits down but it hurt a little, will I have to start over?? Please help

  17. Eviii

    Heyyy Folks, glad i found this website actually, 3 weeks eh? We’ll see about that. From tomorrow morning i am going to be 100 percent commited too my splits. And so i have drawn up a rota. THANKS, also i don’t think its up there. Lunge is an amazing stretch. I think its spelt “Lunge” anyway.

    Its where you are squating and then you push your leg backwards. Then you can always turn straight into Half Squat i think. Maybe you will grasp what i have just said and make it easier to read. I will be reporting back!! 🙂
    Wish me luck!

  18. Eviii

    Heyyy Folks, glad i found this website actually, 3 weeks eh? We’ll see about that. From tomorrow morning i am going to be 100 percent commited too my splits. And so i have drawn up a rota. THANKS, also i don’t think its up there. Lunge is an amazing stretch. I think its spelt “Lunge” anyway.

    Its where you are squating and then you push your leg backwards. Then you can always turn straight into Half Squat i think. Maybe you will grasp what i have just said and make it easier to read. I will be reporting back!! 🙂
    Wish me luck!

  19. Megan

    hello im not sure if this is going to work but i will try it anyways
    p.s.i am a gymnast and another strech you might want to put on there is you lay down and bring one of your legs up and then pull back the leg to your chest as far as you can with your legs straight and hold it there for a minute or so they almost got me down im like one or two inches from my splits because of that stretch
    well buh bye

  20. SAM

    I am hoping to go out for my high school cheer team. I just started this three week deal today and I am keeping a log to track how close I get. I am going to do this for my splits, I promise, for the whole three weeks! I was just wondering if maybe you had any jump exercises, I would like to get a toe touch, maybe a pike jump, and hopefully a herkie. Also any tips on back handsprings? Thanks!

  21. Mae

    Hey, I am a really good dancer, but aweful at the splits. I really hope this works. I have a couple of months to get them down so… Oh, and when doing a backhandspring try everything out on bars (just pull yourself around if you have ever been in gymnastics, u will know) and/or try it out on a trampoline!!!

  22. hey I am a show water-skier and i am planning on joining a div. 1 team pretty soon hear (next season). You don’t have to have splits for it, but i would like to become more flexible and I have always wanted to do them…this is something I will try my hardest to stick to because i saw a girl do a fantastic ski move and I would LOVE to do it…but i will have to become much more flexible. By the way does anyone know how to lift your leg up beside your head while standing or what that is called…please let me know ASAP if you do. Thanks!

  23. CourttX2

    Ok, i saw this person “sam’s” comment and she was asking for advice on jumps and backhandsprings. Well I have some advice (I am a gymnast) Ok, if u want a straddle jump(toe touch) you need to work your middle split! also team up with a friend to practice jumps, for example you stand infront of your friend, she hold around your waist, you go for the stradle (or herkie) jump, as she holds you by your waist she lifts you off the groundand gives you more time to spread your legs. Also you must have good posture remeemer when doing a straddle don’t bend over and try and touch your toes, keep your back straight, when you bend over trying to touch your toes it only looks slopy. And a pike just swing your arms (how ever you feel comfortable) and go for the jump but like all other jumps keep your back straight!!!! And backhandsprings, well if you have never done them before it is best to be spotted(helped) by someone who is licensed to spot you preferably a gymnastics coach or a cheer coach. While doing your backhandspring you have to lean and oush of the ground(you want to make sure your lean and push are equal or balanced) flex your hips (you can practice flexing your hips by going up against a wall and doing a handstand, straddling you legs and slowly rolling you hips down so your legs are lowering closer and closer to the ground but dont let your legs touch the ground. This drill can also be done laying down on the floor.) ok after flexing your hips your hand will make contact with the floor(keep those hips flexed!!) DO NOT bend your elbows (if you do your body will collapse and you can get seriously injured, so i can’t stress enough that you see a professioal before trying this alone.) As soon as your hands make contact push off the floor using your shoulders NOT YOUR ELBOWS! To practice pushing off your shoulderd practice shrugging like when you say I dont know, except with your arms in the air, also you can practice ouching out of your shoulders by doing handstand pops (where you go into a handstand and do a little “pop” or a “jump”) and then finally after that snap down. Also while doing a backhandspring make sure your body is tight at all times (to practice tightness you can lay on the floor arms reaching up and legs together fully extended down, now tighten up! and push your back down onto the floor and lift your legs and head a little. ask someone to try and slide their hand under your back, if they can easily get their hand inder you are doing this drill incorrect, if they cant they you are doing great!) And while jumping back make sure your eyes and head follow your hands back!! I hope all of you have great success and I wish you all the luck!! Remember DO NOT try this alone even if you can already do it by yourself, it is always best to have someone else around! Backhandsprings can be dangerous especially if you have never done them before which is why you should ask to be spotted by a professional, try going to a gymnastics class or cheerleading class.

  24. Avery

    who keep doing jumping all 3 weeks
    is that keep doing the same thing for a week

  25. Michele

    Is this also for you middle split? I never could do it, it hurts so bad!!!! so should I stretch both front splits and the middlde for a minute each?
    I was just wondering..

    And previously whenever I do my splits I used to do 5 sets of 20seconds for each leg. Then they would go down really far.
    But the next time I did it, they were back at the begining…it seems like they never got any better…

    well if anyone could help me that would be great!

  26. I found this website and im glad i did!
    Im trying out for a dance team and the splits are a must. So I ll let you guys know if i get my splits down!Im a foot off the ground and when my 3 weeks is up i hope to be on the ground!!

  27. Char

    I also recommend doing a hamstrings stretch (basically what Megan had said). Basically, you lie on the floor, flat-backed all the way, with toes pointed. Then you lift up one leg (with the aid of your hands), and keeping both legs straight and pointed (your leg that’s down should be in-line with your whole body as well as your leg that you’re stretching), you go as far back as you can. It’ll be more helpful if you have a (nice) partner to help keep your leg down and your other leg up.

    Also, lunges help. It’s basically the kind of shape/position where track runners start off.. Just make sure your bending leg’s knee doesn’t go past the ankle (unless you want to injure your knee; the more flexible you are, the further back your knee is from your ankle, so it’ll look as if you’re almost there to the splits, except one leg’s bent and another’s straight), and slide your (other) whole leg back while keeping it as straight as you can, with hips and feet&toes pointing forward. Your hands should be on either side of your “bending” leg, but if you get flexible enough, you can put your elbows down on the floor in the “inner” part of the “bending leg.” It would be extremely helpful if you sort of drop your hips too, making this lunge-stretch more intensive for your hips (as it can increase your flexibility as well as your quad muscles).

  28. Tazzney

    so i just made the varisty cheerleading squad at my school
    and i was on jv last year, but anyways im a flyer and i need to get my splits and fast and this is the only web site i found telling me what to do!
    im happy i found it!!
    so i guess all tell you in 3 weeks how its going!!

  29. Tazzney

    to: Sam and CourttX2
    and anyone that want good jumps
    okay im a cheerleader
    so i telling you its good to get your spilts for your jumps it helps
    but one thing that helps is ankle weights!!
    its helps
    and so you jump with the weights on
    its reallly helps!!
    and you dont need the spilts to do your back hand spring
    because i have mine

  30. Caitlin

    OK, I hope this works.. I’ve been trying for a very long time, i’ve taken stretch classes!! and i don’t have my split yet. My start date is June 17 2007, i’ll let you know how I do.

  31. dude

    this sux

  32. dude

    just joking i can do the splits now all thanks to you hip hip hooray hiphip hooray yay i can do the splits

  33. We all know that stretching is key but there is also another DEDICATION TO THE CAUSE which is the splits now alot of people say yeah I am dedicated but they really aren’t they just do 2 stretches and say WOW this crap is hard well if you were dedicated then you wouldn’t be complaining you would just say to your self well it is hard but I will keep trying because I AM DEDICATED TO THE CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out

  34. Kalalily

    My friend recently joined my jazz class, and i have been jealous on how flexible she is. I wanted to get my splits so I can keep up with her, and then I came across this website. Since its the summer now, I am really going to devote my time to this! I have wanted to do the splits ever since I was eight years old, and now I will finally get my chance. I’ll keep you posted on how its coming! PS. I am about 1 1/2 ft off the ground

  35. Kate

    I have been a dancer as long as I can remember and I am majorly inflexible. Ireally hope this website will help me more than the other four years i have tried. posting back in 3 weeks.

  36. Kalalily

    Hey, posting back after week 1 here. I did every session, 15 mins morning and night, and have noticed good improvement. Mainly that it doesnt hurt nearly as much after im done stretching or during the stretches. The only problem is that I cant use some of them anymore, they’re too easy now. Im hoping to notice a lot of improvement after Week 2, with the extra session. I’ll post back in one week.

  37. Naomi

    I started this a week ago and i have become wayy more flexible.
    I’ll comment next week.

  38. saira

    does anyone know if it’s bad to stretch too much in a day? I enjoy stretching a lot and would love to get my splits as soon as possible plus I have a lot of free time. Is there anything wrong with doing more than 15 minutes-45 minutes in a day if there is resting time in between? Will this cause my muscles to become resistant or too painful to do a good stretch eventually or could it allow me to get my splits faster?

  39. Lindsey

    Seriously, paco and mary? if your just going to use this website to goof around.. that’s not what it’s for. some of us are acutally serious about this kind of stuff.

    but thank you so much for this advice. i’m so thankful i’ve found it and it has helped so much, a little time consuming but i’m dedicated and ready to work hard!

    but i must admit to paco and mary


  40. Gina

    This 3 week program has really taken my pop lock and dropit techniques to the fullest.

  41. Janey

    i spill
    my choco mill
    on a hill
    on my bill
    by a window sill
    as i take a pill
    with my friend jill

    …. life was happy at a young age. It all changed when i didnt get the splits. i lost my job, my house, and my friends. blessed this program, and GOD BLESS THE SPLITS!!!

  42. Janey

    oh and hugs, not drugs my friends

  43. Margie

    janey really inspired me. what a tough life some must have, that something can cost so much.

    if you need someone, just to talk.
    email me…

    and this is to you:

    some might think they have it rough
    …not being so buff
    but you! you are just so tough
    living it out through all the stuff

    something so little
    like i little spittle
    that means so much
    just take my hand in a clutch

    You’ve got a friend in me.
    You’ve got a friend in me.
    When the road looks rough ahead,
    And you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed.
    You just remember what your old pal said.
    Boy, you’ve got a friend in me.
    Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me.

  44. Margie

    and yes,
    i majored in journalism
    i’ll act for you with paternalism
    ((noun: the attitude (of a person or a government) that subordinates should be controlled in a fatherly way for their own good))

    journalism was my minor
    so don’t be a whiner

    AND talk to me
    spill out your feelings

    it’s okay baby cakes

  45. Brenda

    well this sounds like a good plan…i haven’t had my splits since i was little….i was wondering is this just for side splits or will it work for straddle splits too.(middle splits) thanks for the idea i am starting tomarrow! =]

  46. Melanie

    I hope this works! I’ll post in three weeks! I am trying out for dance company at my school so yeah i would really love my splits!

  47. Kalalily

    Sorry i havent posted back in a while, but i went on vacation and wasnt able to do week 3 of the program, but my flexibility still improved a LOT and I will keep working towards my splits, hopefully by the end of the summer! Remember: Determination and dedication are key!!!!(lmao sorry for that, but its true!!!) If you dont really want to work towards this, you never will get it!

  48. BILLY

    this is a miss
    i am willing to kiss
    for my mistress

  49. BILLY

    I am willing to give this a shot. i dont know if i can imbalance myself into the mindset, like my new radio. when i am feeling glum, i just pop i a few CDs and color. when i go to the local library i eat cupcakes because they remind me of a woman named Kat. like all of these things, the TV is used. the splits are beneficial just as grass and cow is to our salads.

  50. BILLY

    i hope that i have inspired you all, and good luck on reaching for the stars!

  51. Lion Chick- a success story

    i love lions. they are my heart and soul. they are a part of me. when i am with one i feel as though my feet are not touching the ground. when i get that feeling, the lion deeply looks into my eyes and seems to say to me…

    the splits are amazing. they build confidence.. get them.

    taking pantalone the liones advice i did this impecable program. i have been living with Pantalone ever since.. this is a program that works

  52. Pineapple Princess

    Umm…. is this like the icecream?? which flavor? im soo confused please respond at redBULL102812344woman@yahoo.com

  53. Barb

    i’m a dermatoligist and i identify mole molanoma’s. last week i had a returning patient with a multicolored mole that was giving off a horrible odor!! this is a sign of a cancerous mole and you can get those from being so active turns out that she stretches 20 hours a day because she is determined to get the splits?

    this is very dangerous for her!!
    be careful kids

  54. Jeana

    thank you so much for the advice, because my daughter, Mary Claire lives of off soy nuts and skittles and stays up every day all night in her splits. she has a five minute break every july third. she is very serious about it and in her spare time [she has a very busy schedule} she bandages her cups.

  55. Shanice

    i was trying to get my splits for almost 10 minutes and they still weren’t coming to me!! i was getting so frustrated and my ex-best friend told me to mix flour, peanut butter, spghetti sauce, and ranch dressing all in a bowl. you then slather it on to your upper thighs. it’s so smoothing and comforting your legs just go free in the air. soaring like a eagle. it’s a miracle worker!!!

  56. Jeana

    now i know that she could become diagnosed with cancer, thank you barb

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  58. Michaela

    I can do the splits almost allways. I need to learn the middle. In three weeks I will reply again to tell you how I did. And if this website really did help me. I want to be more flexible in my back. I can fall into a bridge n stuff and do a walkover (but I always slip.) Please give me advice for back stretches. Contact me @ mic_diva86@hotmail.com

  59. Becca

    i need 2 get my splits as a dancer and ive always been close and then not- just yo-yoing
    so im gna give this my all . im about to start- week1 -1.3/4ft to go .

  60. Dani

    I am a dancer and I want to try out for competition in like 3 weeks. Sooooo, I found this website and I was like cool I will try it and i hope it works. I can do my left splits and almost middle but I reallllllly need my right so if anyone has advice on right split stretches I would appreciate it.


  61. bob

    hi I am bob and I need help.

    I am a gymnast and I need to get my right splits so I hope this program works

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  63. becky

    heyy, is it really possible to manage the splits in 3 weeks???

    im bout 2 inches off the floor and i need to be able to sit in them for some dancing competition im meant to be doing. I can already do them on my right its just my left i need.

  64. Ally

    hey i’ve been a dancer for quite some time but i dont have my splits im starting pointe in september and i know all or most of those girls will have their splits. i really really hope this works for me!!!

  65. haylie

    hey ive got a stretch and its called THE NEEDLE

    its where you start of in a squat
    then you stretch your legs but your hands are still on the floor
    then after that you stik one leg up in the air like your doing the splits
    and if you cant do that then ask a friend to hold your leg up till you look like your doing the splits
    you can also do this on a wall
    stand with your bumb faceing the wall and stck your leg up its ok if your not directly on the wall all you got to do is walk your legs and feet up to the wall
    and this will help you get your split!!!!!!!

  66. nat cat

    i love splitting. it feels soo nice.oh it feels so real nice. i just need the middle so i can show my fellow friends at chess club that dreams really can come true

  67. Gay Clay

    hey guys my name is Clay i work for clinique in buena vista california i dance for the Buena Park Pussy Cats high school and have a voucher to spazio de ballo in Chihuhauha mexico! (yipee) I have a boyfriend named Art and i love him so much. i need these splits because im such a big part of the drill team. pleaze help ❤


  68. Pallo

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  74. cutie!

    that you soo much!! ah i can now do the splits and i made cheer!!!but i was like 2 ft 3in it was so cool i love this program and i and i am gonna tell every one!!!thanx to you guys! good luck every one!!

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  76. Heyy everyone!!!!
    thanks for all the great tips…
    I’m gonna try this tomo morning and I’ll write back soon to say how it worked
    oh, and I’m really inflexible (i can bairely touch my toes) so if this works for me, it’ll work for anyone

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  80. kelsey

    I was lookin 4 a good site to help me get my splits perfect and now i have only an inch or 2 to go and im on the 6th day so i hope in the next few i can be more confident in my ballet class and ballroom class!!!!

  81. Cassy

    I am going to try the three week challenge!! I will post every week to keep you updated. And I will let you know If you can really do it in three weeks!! With both of my lefs straight and my toes pointed, i am a little over a foot to go, hope it works !!

  82. vicki

    okay, well I’m hoping to get my right leg splits down in about four weeks and I have tryed this thing – it’s helping already but it’s hard to stay focused! i’m about 2 inched up the ground, soon it will be 0 inches!

  83. hey umm i want to relearn the split because like 6 or 7 years ago when i was 7 i was in karate and i could do a split very good but i got out of shape and now almost every one can do one so my friend shermon learnt how to do a split like a couple days ago and i bet him i could beet him in a split comp. so now i have to learn the split and its funny cause when every body starts talking bout’ splits i started like a few weeks ago and it didnt work instead i got a little pain soo i hope this works thank you

  84. sherifah

    hey its day 1 of my streches i dunno if it wud wrk for me i am like 1ft of the ground and i need to be able to do the splits for ma show which is in lyk 2 weeks and 4 days.i rele hpe i can gt it dun be4 then i will push maself i will comment back next week tuesday, if it has wrked for me at all.

  85. Cassy

    I have lost track of stretching its really hard to find time .

  86. Cassy

    I have a question also .. What is these stretches for ? Is it for center and forward splits or just one of them ?

  87. Nicole

    I was wondering if its meant to really hurt? I use to be flexible and unfortunately stopped dancing so now im REALLY inflexible. I started today and while i was doing the second session the stretching hurt bad. Am i pushing myself too hard or is this all part of the process?

  88. rachel

    my question is… is stretching really going to help anything and is it worth all the time you have to put in? i stretch every morning and every night and it makes me feel good since i don’t play sports i only dance i want it to seem like i play all the sports there are.

  89. splitgirlly

    hey i love this site and totally recommend it and for any straight guys im available!!!!!

  90. meme

    hey guys im trying out for cheerleadin squad!!!
    so i guess i have to be able to do the splits..
    i wish yew guys would write an article how to tumble.. hehe
    but i’ve tried this about a year ago and i was an inch from my splits after bout 3 weeks..
    but then i stopped! lol

  91. jessica

    hey try outs for drill team are in like 2 months i hope this works!!!!!

  92. Cekcek

    wow thanks so much it was really help ful now here’s a step to help you even more lay o you backnow grap the arch of your foot(inbetween the ball and the heel)with your hands. now pull your feet to the sides of you torso, now try to get your feet to the floor

  93. emily...x

    hey! i have just started my second week and have become much more flexible! i have been a dancer forever and cud never get a split! this has helped loads! will let u know how i get on!! xx

  94. Salesha

    Hulloe am a rythmic gymnast and my best friend is also and now my splits have got reli bad because a diddnt streach for n a long tymme lol 😛 Well thanks for the tip n a think i will keep to my lundges because i think they make you improve alot. Well a Lunge is when you kneel on 1 knee and put the other foot infront and then straighten it and then make sure your knee is under your ancle 😀 and now i am going oto streach all the tymee to get that flexablility uppppp agaiin x 😛

  95. Claire x

    Well im going to keep streaching coz my splits have got soooo bad n a wrote The Comment that the name is salesha because i never wanted to give my name away but now i have decided to just do iht lol x 😛 Well byeeee x

  96. Hey, my name is Adam and my sister Anna convinced me to do gymnastics and so i thought what the heck, since i didn’t have to pay for it =P I’m straight in case u were wondering… but ya, she told me to try this, i hope it helps.

  97. marina

    I really need to do the splits! I’m going to start asap!! I hope it works.

  98. Kristin

    This did not work for me.

  99. Kristin

    This was a fuckin idea

  100. StateChick

    I just started today and stretched a minute per stretch for 30 minutes so far it’s working i am pretty good with my right split but my left and middle are like a foot high imma try this 3 week plan and post back asap im so excited right now 🙂 wish me good luck

  101. chase

    i just started this new excesicing thing but i already knew how to do da splits but i was bending a little but now im getting better!!!

  102. MeganDANCER

    im a dancer who is known for being amazing with the technique but who has always fought for flexibility. i have improved soo much but i really want to prove to my team im captin for a reason. i want to show them i can be the most flexible. so hopefully this works so i can be a really good and flexible dancer. so i need all my splits within a month so prove me wrong that i cant do it.

  103. Sarah

    thanks for this! After 2 weeks i was almost in full splits. a few more days later, i could do them. it took me less than weeks!!

  104. shanny

    you should put pictures of the stretches cuz sometimes i get confused and it would help alot

  105. Nikki

    i will see if it works
    and i think u need to make ur website flashy!!

  106. Nikki


    i luv it

  107. Nikki

    it doesnot worrk

  108. norina

    hey, i need to do the splits in 1mth hopefully this helps!
    Thanx for the help!!!

  109. norina

    hopefully this help for my karate and dancing. Maybe I can get my second black belt!

  110. lola

    im soooo glad i saw this site! i did the stretches and all that stuff and i got both of my side splits in like 2 weeks. yay. im so glad. thank you soo much!

  111. S.Lartey

    This concept is interesting of achieving a full split in 3 weeks. But people be aware to achieve this in such a short time it totally depends on what your level of natural flexibility is to begin with. What i mean is that some people are naturally quite flexible so yes 3 weeks it is possible to achieve this. But if you are someone who has never really stretch or has very tight glute muscles this will take much longer than 3 weeks so do not be disapointed and put all your hopes into this. My advice is to be consistent and most of all BE PATIENT!

    P.S I know all this as i have 8 years of Capoeira and 3 years of Yoga experience.

  112. alana

    wow! thank you for this advice.. i tryed it and i have my splits now! i recently had a broken ankle and lost my splits:( so its wonderful to have them back!this helps a great deal as a dancer.. mainly in ballet! i feel like i could do anything in dance now that i have by flexibility back!

  113. Anonymous

    this really heled me i can’t belive it it look so good you should see it

  114. Juliette

    I found this website and it has helped me so much! Here’s another stretch for side splits:
    Go as far as you can in side (or center) splits. Move your upper body forward until your entire fore arm (up to your elbow) is touching the ground. You should feel a stretch in your inner thighs. 😀

  115. Unknown

    I have tried evertthing…. i stretch for hours. i have bought stretching machines… i have only been in drill team for five years and i dont have any of my splits downs… sad thing is I am not close either. Ive discovered stretching wont halp and i have tried and i was devoted but i dont know HELP!!!

  116. [quote]






  117. Hey, thanks for the stretches! I’m hoping they help me, I want to learn to do the splits to help with my sport, horseriding, it would make it much easier to vault on bareback if i could stretch my legs further hahaha. Im starting tomorrow! (18/01/09) I’ll let you know how it goes, I hope i can get it in 3 weeks!!!

  118. Anastasia

    Hi! i did ballet in the 5th grade now im in the 7th and im starting ballet again and I cant do the splits like i was able to before. I was able to do the front splits w/ my right leg in front, my side splitz, and I was like 1 inch from my other front splits. In ballet before I stopped, we wood have to sit in the stradle and reach forward(which i was able to do! : )) and we wood have to slide in to the frog. it was so easy then. i wished that I never stopped. i mightve been on demi pointe rite now if I didn’t instead im 1 level lower. Im almost able to do the rite front splitz( 2 inches) and almost the same length in the left front splits( 3.5 inches). In the middle splitz Im pretty good but I think a little more stretching will help improve my front and side splitz. Ive just started stretching and I think Im doing good. Im gonna try this 3 week routine and see if it works.WISH ME LUCK : )
    Thank you im gonna use this when ever I need to work on my splitz again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Anastasia

    What is the sideways stretch????????????????

  120. Cassidy xo

    My goal is to get my splits down before the school starting next year, so i am going to try and stretch a couple times a week when i have time, and when the summer comes im going to do this plan, i tried to do it last summer but i forgot and wasn’t dedicated enough. But i have a question, is it easier to do it on the rug or the floor. I find it easier on the floor, but the place where i have lots of room to stretch is in my Family Room with a rug. So should i stay in there or move to the kitchen area? (:

  121. Cassidy xo

    Oouu, and when i am doing the forward/front splits my back leg is always making me stay up more, is it the way im positioning it or that i just need to stretch it more? PLus some stretches on this i cant do anymore because i dont feel a stretch, even though i am still pretty far frmo the splits. Any help?

  122. Stephanie

    I am so excited!!! I am trying out for a cheer team in the summer and am hoping I can learn the splits in 3 weeks!! I’m about 11 inches off the ground. I’m not very flexible but I’ve always wanted to do them! I’ve never really gotten that committed and I REALLY hope this works!

  123. Madgex3

    I need my splitsto four inches off the ground to make the JV cheer team instead of Freshman and right now I’m about a foot and a half (eek!) So i hope this works!!

  124. hey guys, i have this contemperary dance li have to do with my ballet class and we have to role through our side splits so i really hope this works otherwise illl be taken out 😦

  125. Vedo

    This is very useful…I mean…I got my splits…now I am stretching my middle split and my back

  126. Stephanie

    oh…yeah i kinda procrastinated…that went FAST but now im almost there!!!

  127. Esther

    I’m so glad I found this website!!!!! I’ve Been trying to do the
    splits with a friend, and i’ve gotten closer but not all the way!
    I’m going to try it out!!!!!!!!!!

  128. alexis

    ive been doing these 24-7 and can see progress. but another good one is to sit on the floor with both legs in front of you. next, bend one leg so your toes are pointing outward (looks like a herky on the floor) once in position reach foward and count to 5. reach to the side and count to 5. heres the hard part, try to lean back as far as you can and also count to 5. switch legs and repeat excersice. you should do this 3 times a day. youll be doing the splits in no time.

  129. Lilionadsa

    Hey im about to try this and i hope it really works cause my dance teacher put me in a low competition class cause i wasn’t flexible(and cause im 14 and im small.) So please please, please let this work

  130. Freeda

    this is the best website I have ever found. I’m a dancer and I just HAD to get my leaps perfected. This was the only website I found thAT actually worked. I recommend doing bar stretches. If you have a counter anywhere in the house or a high area. Place your leg on top of it and stretch. you can slide it down as far as it can go or just try to get your nose to your knee.

  131. KYLIE + ELLIE

    OMG we were looking for something like this forever!! we so want to make poms in high school and this sooo helps!! …i mean…idk if it worked yet…but….i bet it will!!

  132. Haley

    Another good stretch is to sit in a stradle possition facing a wall and get a partner to push you closer to the wall. Or to get into a stradle but on your knees. an put you elbows on the ground while doing this. For about a minute.

  133. i have a strech, not sure if its been mentioned..
    ok bend down and place feet in a V shape with heels touching and bend down in a crouch. push the heels together causing your legs to make a shape. rest on your knuckles near feet and with your elbows push your thighs back as far as you can and hold for at least a minute.

    i will also try my best to do this program(:

  134. oops it didnt show my symbol,with your heels still touching, your knees should be outward and it creates a triangle shape almost.

  135. CrazyGirl

    It’s in the middle of the night and i’m stretchin. It wasnt working so ima try this. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Payton22

    I need to get my spilts down in three weeks! I will save this page and hopefully it works! Thanks so much!

  137. I am working towards eventually becoming a contortionist and I want to get my splits down first. I really hope this works. I am going to dedicate all the time needed to this. Thanks for the tips!

  138. J Be

    I did this for two weeks straight and determine and I got my right and left splits in 2 weeks! I’m not a cheerleader or dancer. I just want to be able to do splits for other reasons : ). This website help a lot! Now I’m working on my middle split, but I’m close. Be determine and you will get there I promise, coming from someone who is not a dancer or a cheerleader!

  139. Tess!

    Hey! Thanks so much for these stretching ideas. I’m not a cheerleader, but a gymnast. And about 4 weeks ago I was tumbling and tore the tendons in my left wrist. So I can’t really do anything for about 6 weeks. (6 weeks starting from June 18th) Last day of school…go figure… but anyways, I am already flexible, but i just wanted to improve my splits and everything. I would also like to eventually get my scorpion, if you have any advice on how to do one of those please let me know! I’ve always wanted to do those in my beam and floor routines. Haha. Also, I have another good stretch that helps with getting your middle splits….

    Go get a pair of ankle weights, pretty heavy, and go sit on your butt facing a wall. Roll on your back and bring your legs up so they are in a pike position against the wall (so laying down, legs parallel to the wall) remember the ankle weights!! then slowly, using your hands to guide your legs, bring your legs into a straddle position against the wall. Slowly and carefully push your legs down feeling the stretch in your hip-flexors. Do it for about 2 minutes a day, pushing more and more everyday.

    Hopefully that will help achieve your middle splits!

  140. Alie

    Wow! Not only do I have my splits on the ground, but I can put one leg on a chair and still touch the ground. I have an over split. I can almost make a 90 degree angle with my legs!

  141. Tori

    hey im starting this morning i just did the AM stretching and i also included crunches to get a flat stomache. im a dancer but i hurt my hips in my other studio. my physical therapist said i would probably never get my splits. but im going to try this and ill see what happens. im keeping a movie log. so by the end of three week if u wanna see it tell me!!

  142. daniella

    I need some clarification on the sideways stretch please

  143. oogie boogie

    wow people comment some retarded stuff here. people get a life go tell all ur crazy rantings and ravings to ur friends not ona site to learn how to split

  144. Miranda

    Does this work for the forward splits and the side splits?

  145. Omg i will do this and if i get it done in a week ill let u people no!i’v tryed lots of times but it just dosent work to well.But this stite looks like it might work

  146. k.k.

    ok, it does not take 3 weeks to do the splits…The way that i learned to do the splits is how my dance teacher tought me..we stretch for about 30-40 mins..then hold the splits for 30 sec…then doing your other leg hold for 30 sec. then go back to your other leg and you should be down all the way or almost all the way…so ya..works for me and all the people in my dance class. 😛

  147. Anonymous

    i dunno if this works but it looks pretty good

  148. Anonymous

    a tip is to also ALWAYS WEAR SHORTS AND NOT JEANS good luck it is working very well and i am practicing and it is only my first fifteen to thirty minutes

  149. Lovenneoma

    I know how to my left and right splits flat but not center so i hope this works

  150. wmk

    I’ve been stretching for a week and i see a lot of progress. I’m 32 and never stretched or did the splits in my entire life and I feel like I’m getting closer. I think it will take me longer that 3 weeks because of my age and no history of stretching. What helps before static stretching is dynamic stretching! I do it every morning. Front kicks, back kicks, and side kicks. Be careful though because you can injuire yourself.

  151. Kelly

    I’ve been stretching for a week when I found this site, and though I don’t expect it to work for me, as I’m not very flexible, I will give it a go. I’m not sure if this stretch has been mentioned but I found lunges very, very helpful.

  152. 07734

    very good for you
    heres the question do you know ow to do the splits

  153. Mimi

    I’ll give this a shot. And will progress my results! No lies.

    Initial Starting:
    Left splits- 4.5-6 inches off the ground. (Depends of how much stretching I do beforehand)
    Right splits- 5-7 inches off the ground.

    I noticed that sometimes if I’m attempting the splits on a smooth or slippery floor/carpet, it eases the ability to go down. And it is obviously crucial not to wear jeans or sturdy long pants while attempting them. Unless you already can do the splits.

    I really want to join the school dance team so I hope I can get this in before the end of March!

    Remember, never push yourself past the limit. You don’t want to injure yourself.

  154. Heather

    hi, im trying out ur thing and in on around week:1 1/2. but i HAVE A QUESTION THAT REALLY NEEDS AWSNERING! does the 15min thing includ 10sec, 30sec, or 1min breaks? or is it 15 full NO BREAK minutes? or 15 mins overall not inculding the breaks but u can have them?

  155. Isabel

    I am the worst when it comes to flexibility, however, I noticed that facing a wall and pushing my legs up against it in the center split position really helped with stretching that area. Good luck to everyone!

  156. Rachness

    Hey, I have a pretty good stretch. Grab a phonebook and set it against a wall, then go into your splits, but put your front heel on the phonebook. This stretches your splits so when you do it on flat ground you can go down farther!! 🙂
    P.S It helps if you go down a little further than you usually do, just take a deep breath and while you exhale go down further. It will burn like hell but push through it!! You want those results!!

  157. Hannah

    Thanks!!! I hope this works!!

  158. Vicky

    hello i have tried similar stetches that i found on the internet but i still can’t get my splits. is it because i lost it?
    Has it worked for other people to or has it worked for you

  159. hey, i just finnished my very 1st 15 minutes but…..i wanna’ keep going on for another 15 minutes. Would that be okay if i did it for 30 minutes total on my 1st try?
    please answer soon, i think that i really like stretching now and think that it’s pretty fun!(:

  160. Anonymous

    OMG These stretches worked so well, last year I was nervous about taking jazz for the first time so I wanted to get in there with a bang by already being flexible, I used this every day and got my right side splits in exactly three weeks. I was committed. Now that Im bak in school its hard for me to do this everyday so I wake up early just to do it. I almost have my middle splits now THANKS SO MUCH!!! I love you!

  161. Malarie

    hey, my names malarie. when i was 7 yrs. old i did dance and i could do all the splits and flips. now that i quit, so did my splits. i am very frustarted because now i want to try out for cheerleading and i cant do the splits. i am trying to get my splits down before summers end. im trying this for 3 weeks.. so wish me luck!(:

  162. Malarie

    oh and i will write you back when i am finished and will tell you my results!:D thanks so muchh.

  163. Hayden

    heeeyy!(: this is hayden and i just made the cheerleading squad!:D im very excited. i just finished how to do the splits from this, which i am very thankful for. :DDD!!

  164. Leesh

    I have to do the splits to pass my jazz exam but i have school hols so i will practice now.Wish me luck.will report back 3 weeks time.
    P.S. i even made a timetable to keep myself on track

  165. sierra

    splits is easy

  166. sierra

    im the most flecsible person in the world . im way more flecsible then jade dunkin,catheren kingsberry,hayden striker,madison ellsworth,and avery willimams.i can put my leg over my head.

  167. karina mendez

    hey i have been doing everything to do the splits and i havent done them yet so i will tell you in 3 weeks

  168. allison

    a good stretch is a leg strech were u put one leg straight up against the wall and the other one bent then try to keep your leg stright while bringing your head closer to your knee

  169. Treasa

    Hi, after 3 days in the first week stretching, should I be noticeably closer? 🙂 I hope that after the end of the second week, I’ll be closer than I’ve ever been! This website has motivated me to get my splits and breathe and only think about being flexible when I’m in a stretching position.

  170. Anonymous

    well i hope this works! ive been dancing for 10 years and my splits are like half a foot off the ground (roughly) and i really need to get them on the ground before dance starts up again in september! i really hope this works and im gonna work hard at it since im going to be teaching and i need to have my splits down. im gonna be in a lot of dances, including competition! im pretty much the only one in my advanced class who cannot do a split (i think), so i vowed to get them down this summer! so ill try this, and pray it works!

  171. Maz

    hey, this website looks really good!
    first thing tomorrow im am gonna be completely devoted and commited to my splits, i have been trying to do them for years and i nearly lost faith until i found this,
    thank you,
    i will write back on the 27th Aug to tell you the results!

  172. Treasa

    Hey! It’s Treasa again! Just last night, after the end of the first week, I was about an inch off the ground, when before I was close to a foot off the floor! Thank you so much! I am now starting my second week, because I stretched this morning, waited 2 hours, and here I go again…stretching for another 15 minutes! Through this website, I have seen great results, and by the time school starts I’ll be able to do my splits! Yay! Before I started this program, I would stretch 20 minutes every night, and only that. I never got any closer because I wasn’t pushing myself to go further, and now I am way more flexible and happy! 🙂 Thank you so much! I’ll check back in again at the end of my second week!

  173. Maz

    its not working

  174. kristina

    ok im doing today and im 12 tryin to do cheerleading this but if this doesnt work then im gonna be really pist off then if it do then halla!!!

  175. Seda

    i’m a dancer my flexibility isn’t awful but it’s not good either i’m like 2 inches off the ground with right split that’s not bad i can do a full split after streching but i want to do a middle split and a left split too so i hope it works i’m starting today i’m dedicating myself to this and if it works you’re going to be my hero 😀

  176. i started this like 2 weeks ago and im almost down with my left split but everytime i stretch the next day im really sore so i cant do my stretching.(any advice and is this happening to anyone else). so i miss somedays because im sore and also i dont do the stretches on the weekend cause im usually busy. but i still see lots of improvements. thx for the website.

  177. Jennifer

    I wouldn’t call myself an athlete or anything, but I decided to start this project because at school, and other events I am either coming 2nd or 3rd in High Jump. I wanna become 1st, so hopefully this would help me not only be able to do the splits but also jump higher. You might think its impossible, but anything’s possible for a young girl. 🙂
    Gonna write this on my diary and I must remember to do this. I wonder if this would also be able to let me do acrobatics? Cart wheels, head stands and etc.
    thanks for sharing n____________________n

  178. lisa

    hi i started this and i stretch and i always am like really sore the next day. why is that please answer ASAP. i am trying to get my splits down for gymnastics and i really need them. i just always have to stop my stretching because im sore.

  179. sammie

    i hope this works because our cheerleeding squad needs to not suck this year and hopefully i can imoprove it. along with my looks and the jumps!

  180. Leah

    i tried but after a week i ran out of time to stretch (school)…..
    does anyone know a faster way?????????? i m desprate!!!!!!

  181. i agree with leah. i ran out of time and i got too sore after the sessions. school is in the way with my timing too. maybe if like you do a session before school and one like right after school and then before u go to sleep. cause if u do more sessions u mgith be able to get them faster.

  182. Jasmine

    wow i can do a split and im on the cheerleading team THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. katie

    wow i might try this ……….if i have time!!!!!

  184. katie

    i might try this if i ever have time

  185. Leonore

    I’ve just done my first week, today is my first day of week 2
    and im almost there ❤
    hopefully by next week i would get it

  186. Anonymous

    here’s another good stretch.sit in a chair.hold on to the sides of the chair and slide down as far as you can into your middle splits.Its works great 😀

  187. Tammy


    I was just wondering how long you should continue to stretch every day after you have the splits so you don’t loose the flexibility?

  188. Anonymous

    This site rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got my splits in way less
    then 2 days!!!!!!!!

  189. Joana

    ooehmqee dhiiz huRtt zoo badd nd& my leqzz hurtt realliie badd too,!!but one qood ztretch would be haviinq one leq straiqht out infront of you,and the other leg kneelinq down. then you try to get your nose to touch the knee of the leg that is out. thatt miiqht of hurt but iif you doo them 30 min a day iit realiie workz,! iim more than 3/4 down iin a week and 3 days,!

  190. BalletMiss

    two years ago, I quit tap jazz and ballet. I only missed one year of ballet because I started back last year. but I am starting back at tap and jazz this year and I will be really behind. Everybody in my class can do the splits and I am still a foot of the ground. I have 4 weeks until dancing goes back… just enough time. I really need to get splits and this was the only website that showed me exactly what to do. This website is my dancing saviour.


    I really need it answered.

  191. Leonore

    oh wow, its me again
    so i’ve stretched nd stretched and now after 11 weeks and 4 days yes 79 days of stretching

    I can finally do the splits
    But dont let my comment put you down
    coz after the 2nd week instead of 1 hour of stretchin i did 15mins everyday
    but dats only coz my muscles KILLLLLLED.

    anyways i can do dem, but now i need to still stretch daily so my muscles dont lose the splits :L

  192. ballet miss

    I’m three days in and I have a migraine so I can’t stretch…. it’s horrible

  193. Emily

    hey, for the past few months all i’ve been thinking about is danceline tryouts coming up this spring..i have one motavation and that’s the BOOTS! i’ve wanted them ever since i saw the girls wearing them in danceline..so about a month ago i found out you had to do a split for the tryouts..only because they need to see if you can kick high enough! i think this is totally janx cause some girls..ohhh boy! but i want this with everything in me..but i’m not flexible! and this thing has really helped me get more motavated. if i start right now by feb 1Oth i should have my split. (: THANKS!

  194. emmydance21

    I’m a dancer and i have a good stretch that helped me get flat in left and right splits in about a month.

    Lie on your right side on the floor, with your head pointed towards a wall. You need to be able to reach your right arm out and put your hand flat against the wall. Use your right arm to help you balance.

    Next, use your left hand to pull your left leg straight up so your foot is pointing to the ceiling. If this is comfortable, use your hand to pull your foot towards the wall. Your ultimate aim is to get your toe touching the wall. Make sure you always keep boths legs straight. Switch to stretch other leg.

    This helps you stretch out your hips as well as your leg muscles. I did this every morning and night in bed becuse i had a wall available. I hope this helps you!

  195. emmydance21

    sorry just to clarify, the arm your lying on needs to be bent quite a bit so that you can balance and so your foot actually CAN reach the wall eventually!

  196. I’m trying to Learn how to do a split and I’m so excited to learn how to do one. My goal is to become more flexable before my 13th B-Day which is in March. I want to be able to do a Split, a perfect cartwheel, a back-bend (and maybe to learn how to do a kickover, but i need some upper arm strenth). I hope my goal isn’t too high to reach. I would be the happiest person in the world just to get a split down! 😉 I will try to reply back in about 3 weeks about the results, Wish me Luck!!! 🙂

  197. Oh I also forgot to say that i wonder if there is anything on this site bout belly dancing cuz i want 2 b a belly dancer, mainly cuz i like the clothes they wear and i wanna be able to move my body like they do. but i need to get a tan over the summer that way if i ever get to wear he outfits they do then i wont be white as a ghost!!! 🙂 :O 😉 😛 😀 ❤ :*

  198. all my friends that are girls can do the splits but im the only one who can do the matrix. I will start this tomorrow. my gf or girls that r friends say i could be a good couch. and although a boy cheerleader is weird. my friends say i can do it and i do not know why but i feel like saying one of them is asian and in my yearbook shhe wrote (alexis ut asian gf). seeya and whoeva made website. u shall be put in my yearbook of awesomeness. BYE! -_- my asian face

  199. jordanwilkinson

    whats up im in the marines and im a martial arts instructor and i would def like to be more flexible i started yesterday so i’ll keep u updated on my progress wish me luck FEB 20th 2011

  200. babycheakss

    i am triyin to do the spilts my dance team try outs are in less than a month and i so want to get in for next year i am streching every day so i hope this website work!! ;D

  201. Silvan

    I’m starting today! I’ll check back in 3 weeks

  202. Silvan

    So far I really suck. I couldn’t even do the first few stretches properly without it feeling lik I’m either gonna collapse or my skins going to rip

  203. Silvan

    Now it’s better and I can actually do the stretches

  204. Delaney

    Thank You for this article. I am the most inflexible gymnast at my gym and my coach held me back because of my splits. I finally got my bad side down but I pulled something on my good side and now I cant even sit in a pike. I’m so scared to tell my coach, he will get soooo mad at me. I already broke my knee this season he will just make me quit. I need to know how to recover my pull and have my split down in time for testing. Testing is in June and it is March! PLEASE PLEASE LEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! I’m scared for my gymnastics future. I’m a level 7 testing for eight and I need that down ASAP! Anyone help

  205. Marcos Gutierrez


    Well It has been about two years in martial arts and its been on and off, the first six month that i started I was able to get the front split all the way down with the hands on your hips to help it lower more. The side splits were about a foot away from the floor but never could reach it. We have just started practicing for this year and you have some great techniques. Lets see how it goes. Will begin on monday april 11 to not get out of the workout routine we have for this week. It seems very helpful. Thank you. Will keep you up to date.

  206. Anonymous

    i think a good stretch is when your feet are a bit bigger than shoulder width and the you sit as far as you can

  207. Debra

    Soo Yeahh .. ii Have Been Trying Too Get The Splits Since ii Was 10 So 3 Weeks Should Be The Least Of My Worries .. ii Really Want Too Be A Cheerleader So ii Will Do Whatever It Takess && 3 Weeks Is Just About The Time ii Need .. So Thanks Alott !!

  208. Mia

    Once you finally get your splits and you can get into them with out stretching and it doesn’t hurt at all, try putting a pad of sticky notes or a small notebook underneath each foot, then try something a bit bigger each time until you can put one foot on the ground and one on the floor and you can get further than the splits! I can’t quite do it on the couch yet, but my friend can, in jeans, without even stretching!

  209. Som

    Thankyou so much. That is really helpful. You see, I’m pretty desperate because I am an incoming freshman and plan on trying out for their dance team. The try outs are in about 3 weeks. They said we would be judged partly on flexibility. I have never been so motivated to be able to do them until now. I’ll comment again when I can do the splits. Thankyou so much! 😀

  210. Sierra :D

    Ok so I was reading through the coments and I noticed that tons of people have really cool names. haha 🙂 But anyway I am just starting this and I hope it works cuz im gunna be a flyer and I need to be more flexible.

  211. ciera

    i have been doing stretches for a while now and i am about a inch off the ground but my back leg wont stay straight and it feels like the musels are ripping out of my skin and i wont to be able to do it soon because i want to be a cheerleader or gymnist and my mom and cousin can do a split but they wont show me the stretches to help….does anyone know any stretches to help me? if so email me at clarkciera15@yahoo.com

  212. dancerella

    This site sounds fantastic! I am the only one in my cheer squad who can do the splits so i am going to get a copy of this and give it to my cheerers so they can become more flexible. They will start next monday! hope it works, Thanks!
    ps. another stretch you could try is the upright split. If you have a ballet barre or table at that height it is good. First you place either leg on the top of the barre/table and slide it as far along the table it will go. slide the leg on the floor back too. hold it for a while and then reach to the toe on the table with both hands and hold. Hope this helps!

  213. Teodora

    Hey! I’m on my school’s color guard team and I’m one of the only one’s who can’t do a split! I’m about 9 inches off the ground on my right and left splits and about afoot off the ground on my middle split. I just have a question, are you supposed to stay in your split for 15 minutes? When I do that, I can’t go past 2 minutes! Can someone help me please? Thank you! ❤

  214. Ashley

    hi! i REALLY wanna get my splits down, and i am about 3 inches off the ground on my middle splits, but about a foot off the ground for my left and right splits. i am currently on vacation but i will start this 6/14/11 and will keep you all posted on how everything goes. i also have another stretch sit down on your butt on the floor, legs straight in front of you. then bend both knees away from eachother and touch the bottom of your feet together. push your knees down to the ground, and as you get better, so will your middle splits! enjoy! 😀

  215. Jessica

    another stretch is similar to the frog position
    Lie on you stomach with you legs spread to the side and feet against a wall. Your legs should be perpendicular to the wall and the knees are at 90 degrees. And the thighs are also 90 degrees to the body
    Most people will have their butt sticking up at first. But as long as the legs and wall make a rectangle you’re doing to stretch properly. And slowly the butt will go down which means your opening the inner muscles more
    I think the main thing with this stretch is the relax, the more relax you are the further down you’ll go

  216. Georgia

    Hey, I have to get my middle splits by September for my dance class and I have absolutely NO flexibility so I really hope this works! 🙂


    I really Hope This thing works 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. EMAN

    how to split.

  219. Eman


  220. Allysin

    Thanks, for the advice. my mom really wants be to get be more flexible so I can be a flyer! 🙂

  221. summer

    okay ive been on this website for two weeks thrid week i gave up is there still hope for my splits ?

  222. summer

    hello is anybody up here to comment to help me i wanna be a cheerleader ima 8th grader well going somebody please help me

  223. Anonymous

    I am currently doing a v-sit as I post this! I am really motivated and excited to get my splits down!

  224. Nikki

    I know this sounds crazy, but is there any way to get a middle splits in one week? I’m about a foot off the ground, but I’m willing to spend every waking moment on getting my splits.

  225. nicoleMarie

    Im a dancer i pretty good but the one thing is i cant seem to get my Splits or when i finally get them the next day there gone i tried for about 2 years like this i start Tomorrow 8/5. im about 8in from the ground. i hope this helps!!:)

  226. allane

    when i found this, i tried it immediately & i did an almost perfect front split. i’m really sore now & i want to do it again. How do you know when to stop though?

  227. Emma

    I would suggest the “flying splits” (what my yoga teacher calls it). It’s where you get a raised flat surface about a foot off the ground, and do the stretch of the splits but with one leg on the platform and one leg on the ground. So one leg is elevated.

  228. Chelsea

    Oh my gosh. This site as been so helpful. Unbelievably, after just one 15 min session I am already closer to my dreams. THANK YOU!!! ❤

  229. chloe

    im in a cheer leading thind at sholl and i need omer quick tips

  230. selenaeater

    cant wait to try this

  231. selenaeater

    another good strech is to have a parent or a friend left your leg so you do a hill strech its easy

  232. chick-lol

    how long do you hold the splits for?

  233. chick-lol

    im going to start this and ill send a post after ive been doing this for a week

  234. Emma

    does it work even if you do one thirty minute session everyday, or should i try and find time to do two fifteen minute sessions?

  235. Bel

    This site is really helpful. I discovered this it 4 years ago. I got so close when I first started stretching, but then for some reason I stopped. Probably because we moved house.. But anyway, since that first time, I have attempted the splits at least 5 other times. Now I am trying again. I feel as if this is the last time, if I give up this time, I’m giving up for good! I am a self taught baton twirler and dancer, so I don’t have any coach to tell me to stretch. And to make this goal (the splits) even harder, my mom doesn’t like it when I stretch and tells me that I’ve done enough today ( when really I’d only stretched 15 minutes that day). I have no one else to motivate me except myself of course. And I have found motivation is really really important when it comes to stretching. So now I am pretty much stretching in secret ( which is not easy) and hoping my mom won’t come in my room while I’m having a stretching session lol! I am so determined to get my splits. I’ve been stretching for a week now. First half of the week I started with 15 minutes a day, now I’m at 30 minutes a day, and i have seen a lot of progress. So anyway, just want to let people out there know that you must not give up! You can do it. 

  236. Bel

    Hey, well anyway, as I said I’ve been stretching for a week. I am not aiming to get the splits in 3 weeks, since I will only be stretching 30 mins per day. When I first started stretching I was 1 foot and 2cm off the ground on both right and left splits. My middle splits were 1 foot and 25 cm. Now (1 week later) my left split is 27 cm and right split is 28 cm. My middle split is 1 foot and 15 cm. So I have made quite a bit of progress. I’ll be posting next weeks progress too, so look out for that 🙂
    I recommend keeping a journal and writing down how much you stretched every day. And write down your measurements once a week too. Then, when you are feeling less motivated one day, look back in your journal and see just how much progress you have made. 🙂 good luck everyone, and wish me luck too!! 

  237. schick97

    Okay guys…if you have spent the time to come down this far… please read!!!so i am going to do this and i am really committed because I am in 8th grade and i am going to try out for the highschool cherleading team and I have about 6 months.. i am extremely inflexible and when i do my middle right, and left splits i am like a foot off the ground…seriously. If anyone can help me then can you send me an email at sharon_maina@yahoo.com…i would truly appreciate it(:

  238. Sky

    A stretch I like to do is one that I don’t really have a name for. I’ll call it the wall V-leg Stretch. 😛
    Basically, you sit down facing a wall and lie on your back. Lift your legs up until they’re vertically parallel with the wall, and scootch your butt up against the wall. Then open your legs as far as you can into a V-shape, point your toes, and chill there. Gravity basically does the rest. (:

  239. Bel

    I’ve just finished week 2 and I’m now 21 cm from the ground in both left and right splits, and 1 foot and 4 cm from the ground in my middle splits.
    I’m seeing sooo much more progress in my middle splits. I’ll update on my progress one week from now!!
    Doing the middle splits against the wall really does help, maybe thats why I’ve seen so much progress with them!

  240. Hopefull

    I really hope this works! i’ve just started dancing and all the other girls are way more flexible than me! Thanks for the page either way

  241. Ashley

    Yes Hi,
    All my friends on my dance class can do a FULL SPLIT, and my teacher even said she wanted me to do it and get DOWN and keep doing it OVER and OVER in till i do it! and this is what i have been doing…I have been on my bed and having 1 leg bent from my knee down and from my knee back It has been straight. So i have been doing this for two days and each day i do it for about 4-5 min, and it DOSE hurt for a few(10-20sec)and i have played muisc while i am doing it. Do you think this will help me get into my split???


  242. Bel

    I’ve been stretching 3 weeks and I’m currently:
    18 cm from ground in front right splits
    17.5 cm in front left split
    30.5 cm in middle splits
    As I said before, I’ve just been stretching 15 – 30 minutes a day, so I’m not following this stretching schedule exactly, but I am doing the stretches. It seems like I’m making more progress in my middle splits than the front splits… I’ll update in a week!

  243. Another good stretch is what I call “the table stretch”. First find a stirdy table like a dining room table or something. Second lift one of your legs up and place it on the table. Than with your leg straight squat down as far as you can go. Than switch legs.

    BTW thnx for all the stretches and routine I am so excited to get started!!!

  244. gw

    I really hope this works. I don’t really need to be able to do it but I really want to be able to do it.

  245. Anonymous

    Hey this my first time trying …. Iv been wantin to do 1 fir a long

  246. Anonymous

    Thank you so so so so so much website! I have always wanted to do a splits! I am flexible just not to the max! Especially with splits, lol anyway I am flexible/double jointed, in my knees. My thighs are pretty flexible just not enough to do the splits!. And I am going to start dancing soon so they need too be! but anyway thank you so much for putting this on here and I hope I can do them in 3 weeks! I will report back after those weeks. thanks a lot! =) P.s wish me luck!

  247. Anonymous

    This Really Helped Me I Got My Splits In Less Then 2 weeks. I Cant Thank You Enough For This Advice 🙂 && When I Tried Out I Made The HighSteppers Dance Team At My School ❤ Thank You Oh So Muchhh ! God Bless .

  248. i am almost down this is realy easy

  249. this is realy easy i am almost down thanks

  250. Coach0211


    Hi guys,

    I came on here looking for new ideas and tips to get my over-split but noticed heaps of questions and comments from some very confused people so I thought I’d put my two-cents in. I’ve been cheerleading since 9th grade (9 years ago), took it all the way through varsity and university, and now I’m on the national cheerleading team, and head coach of the open state team… so I hope I can help!

    Firstly, a certain degree of athletic ability and natural flexibility helps, but that’s not to say you won’t get your splits if you’re not a total natural. It comes down to 2 things:
    1) Motivation
    2) Perseverance

    *If you are less flexible than average, I suggest doing all of the stretches recommended on this site- but 3 times a day instead of twice. If you’re not in a hurry to get them then twice a day is fine. Obviously, the more you stretch and the more committed you are, the faster you’ll progress.


    Middle splits:
    The fastest way I have been able to teach my state squad their middle splits to get nicer jumps and cleaner stunts/tumbles is through:
    -Sitting on the ground, facing a wall, with your legs in a V shape so that both of your feet are flat against the wall (remember.. knees always facing the ceiling, not rolled out)!! The V you’re sitting in should be wide enough that you already feel a slight stretch near your groin (if your legs or knees hurt instead of the muscles near your groin, then you need to re-attempt the starting position). When you’re comfortable and balanced, place both of your hands flat on the floor on either side of your butt, with your fingers spread wide and pointing outwards (horizontally, in opposite directions). Your arms can take as much or as little weight as you’re comfortable with, as long as you’re always feeling a stretch. The aim from here is to slide your feet further and further apart, by using your hands to push your body closer and closer to the wall (think of it as inching your butt in closer and closer). Keep going until you feel a GOOD stretch (no pain, no gain), and HOLD that position until it stops burning (for a minimum of 30 seconds). Yes.. this will hurt, but eventually the place where you feel the stretch will go slightly numb. When this happens, it’s time to push yourself closer to the wall yet again. Do this for 10 minutes for 2-3 times a day and you’ll get there in no time! 🙂

    -Another way to do this is to sit, facing a friend/ team mate both with your legs stretched out in front of you in V shapes so your feet rest on each other (think about how you’d sit to compare shoe sizes, only you both sit with your legs in the V position). Together your legs should be shaped like a diamond, with feet touching. Once you’re both balanced, reach both arms straight out in front and grab each other’s hands (Your left with their right hand, their left with your right hand). Next you’re going to rock each other, like a see-saw, back and forth by pulling your friend towards you as you lean back, and in return they will pull you forward by leaning back. The aim is to get your nose to touch the ground inside the diamond (between you). Remember to always keep your legs straight (locked knees if necessary), with knees facing the ceiling, and both yours and your partner’s arms and backs should always be straight too. Once you can get your nose, or forehead to touch the ground in front of you (with your legs spread in the V position) then it’s time for you both to spread your legs wider and wider (about half an inch, to an inch at a time) so you can still feel the stretch/ pull in your groin as your head/nose gets closer to the ground.
    If one of you is more flexible than the other, have the less-flexible person move their feet to the insides of the more-flexible person’s ankles (still for the most part in a diamond shape, only the less flexible person has their legs slightly closer together now), and repeat the process of pulling them forward towards you, but use your feet to push their legs wider apart as you pull them forward. This could easily be a form of torture if you don’t like your partner, however remember that after doing this 5 times you get to swap and they get to do it back to you.

    *Make sure to take breaks when needed, if you go too hard on yourself during the first few days you’ll be too sore and will lose motivation to keep going.
    **Working in pairs is good because you can push each other to keep going and stay motivated!

    Right splits:
    -Start by kneeling on a comfortable surface (grass or carpet is great) with your knees shoulder-width apart, and your feet behind you with your toes tucked under (kneeling as you would for prayer or when begging someone for a favour), so the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling. When you’re balanced and your back is straight, straighten your right leg out in front of you (pointing your toes), and reach both hands towards your toes (you should eventually be able to touch your nose to your knee without bending your leg. Once you’re finished sit back up straight and place one of your hands on the floor on either side of the out-stretched leg, so they are now holding your weight and your body is slightly leaned over your stretched leg (taking the weight off your back- left- leg). Keeping both your legs at a 180 degree angle (one stretched out in front and one behind a straight line is really helpful for this!), attempt to straighten your right leg completely, and your left will naturally straighten out behind you, but will keep a slight bend as your knee shouldn’t leave the floor. The idea of this stretch is to get into a long “lunge”-like position, only closer to the ground and on a slight angle forward (you should now be mimicking the right splits). Once your right leg is straight, and your back leg is stretched out, try to push your pelvis/hips towards the floor (use your hands on the ground either side of you to balance and control how much weight you place into the stretch). You should feel a strong stretch in your back leg (left leg) in the middle of the groin.
    Left splits:
    Use the exact same process but make sure your left leg is straight out in front.

    Another way to get your side (left/right splits)- very similar, but slightly different technique:
    1. Fully bend one leg.
    2. Sit on it.
    3. Straighten your other leg out in front.
    4. Put your arms by your side (slightly forward as you progress) for support.
    5. Bend at your hips and lean down towards your front leg, remembering to keep your back straight.
    6. Go as far as you can.
    7. Make sure that you keep your hips square.
    8. Push as low as you can and hold for 60+ seconds.

    -Toes must be pointed
    -Hips must be square and facing directly forward
    -Back should always be straight.. it doesn’t matter what position you’re in, or which way you’re leaning for the stretch.

    MY TIPS:
    -Stretch with friends.. help and motivate each other! It’s also much more entertaining.
    -Stretch in front of the TV. This directly contradicts this article BUT there is no harm in distracting yourself from the pain.. you can actually hold the position for longer this way. Think of it like this.. does exercising in front of the TV hinder the quality of your workout? No! You’re still achieving the exact same thing! Do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable.
    -Remember to breathe. Your muscles need the oxygen in order to respond to your stretch.
    -Relax. The more you let yourself relax, the further you’ll get to the ground.
    -Mix it up! Always try new things. Always using the same stretches will get too easy. Find new ways to get a stretch from those muscles.
    -Stretch on your bed. Sounds silly, right? Your bed has more give and less control than a hard floor, which will help you stretch new muscles. Plus.. the more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to keep stretching.
    -Use what you have around you. Chairs, walls, tables.. anything! Doing the same stretches at different heights uses a slightly different part of the same muscle.
    -Make sure your stretching BOTH legs, not just the one you want to get flexible. The splits requires all the muscles in BOTH legs to be at their peak flexibility.

    -Always stretch after a hot shower or bath. Your muscles will be slightly warmer than usual and (as a bonus) you will be more relaxed, therefore allowing you to be more flexible.
    -You can stretch ANYWHERE! No matter where you’re sitting or what you’re doing, there is always an opportunity to stretch! E.g. Sit on the floor instead of the couch at home; or Change your natural position from cross-legged to pulling one foot behind you (think herkie position) whilst sitting on the floor. This will automatically straighten your back and teach you good habits.
    -Stretch first thing in the morning when you get out of bed before you do ANYTHING else. You will still be waking up, and hence are more relaxed than at any other time during the day. This will also give you energy and will always start your day on a good note!
    -Think positive! Instead of focusing on how much each stretch hurts, focus on how it actually feels good, (in a weird way) and recognise it as a “good pain”. If you think back on your last stretching session, try to recognise that the pain wasn’t actually that bad, and say to yourself “I can do that again, easy!!” Sound mind= sound body. After all… millions of people around the world can do the splits.. it is by no means impossible! You have to believe in yourself.

    Hope this helps a little.. Believe it or not, this was actually the condensed version. I have a million other stretches, as different techniques work better for different people. But these are the most basic, most reliable stretches to ensure you get the best split, and they work for most people. I’ll check in soon to see how you guys are going and will try to answer any questions you post along the way. 🙂 Good luck!!!


  252. Anonymous

    Heyy. I’m on the High School Cheerleading squad. I’m a freshman and some of the older girls have the right and left splits. I will try this 3 week stretching and see how it goes. They also have good round offs, cartwheels, balkwalkovers, and back-handsprings. Any help on those would be GREAT! I am also the flyer and could use some tips. Thanks!

  253. This really does work! If you stay committed it will! I got my splits in 1 week! BTW another good stretch is too practice overplits. If you don’t know what they are its kinda hard to explain so I would suggest looking it up on google or youtube;)

  254. Anonymous

    i can do hand stands cartwheals but what makes me bad at it is not mastering the splits and i have a dance at school and i really wanna know how to do a split i have been learning on my own but lately i have realized that i couldnt do it on my own so i surfed the intenet and was glad i found this site !!! 😀 i really hope this works!!

  255. Erm ,, this is my first day of trying the techniques you have said, I hop it works, I have been trying to do the splits for YEARS since my friend did them and she was trying to show me. Another stretch I know is like the V-Stretch but helps you more to get there easier .. You and your friend put your legs into a ‘V’ shape and they put there feet on the side of your knees and you grab there hands and they bend there legs and slowly push your legs open straightening there and pull you forward until it is as far as you can go, might hurt but it worked for my friend ! Hope this works for me ! Fingers crossed X

  256. Steven

    I doubt anyone can do it in 3 weeks, maybe 4 weeks at least

  257. Newsplitgirly

    Hi I was experimenting with random stretches and I figured out a new one. Sort of like the “4 stretch” but not. Put your left heel on your bum while putting your right leg out straight to the right. start at the left with your face facing down and slowly rotate towards the right. The goal is to be able to be all the way on your STRAIGHT right leg while still facing down. Please reply to my email at jangerman1999@hotmail.com with any comments or questions. Thank you very much for posting this by the way, VERY helpful.

  258. labello

    Im gonna try this! Hopefully i can focus! If it works, i’ll post again

  259. Jayoson

    Just started TKD and need to increase my flexibility and 3 weeks sounds good, but Im a stay at home father kid is only 2 so Im home 90% of the day (other then class and some minor eronds and taking kid out to the park) and was curious if I can just hold my stretches for 2-3 hours multiple times a day if it would be safe or not let me know.

  260. Jazzy

    I have my right split but that’s it. But it’s like no matter how often I do these sessions my splits are always back to the start and I’m always the same distance off the ground.
    I know that this was written in 2006 but I badly need help! I am a rhythmic gymnast and I NEED my splits! Please help me!!!!!

  261. tesc

    Hi I’m 15 and have taken ballet back up from when I was about 10, I’ve been doing ballet again for a year and still can’t do the splits, I used to be able to do them very easily but now I can’t. I have had a go at the frog positions on my back and front and they are fine-i can get my feet right up to my pelvis with everything on the floor. But I still have a problem when it comes to splits, I find the middle ones easier than the side ones but please can someone help , I’ve tried the 3 week thing but its proving very hard! I need help as I need to get my flexibility up as I may be going on pointe soon and it would help a lot! Thanks so much

  262. Mel

    Hi! I am a dancer and have been trying for a splits for at least a year. I am going to try this I need it really bad like by early january even have a stretch coach. I will keep you posted on how the program works am so excited! I hope I get them.

  263. Anonymous

    this is amazingggg got my right split in a week

  264. Rebecca A.

    I learned to do the right and left split about a two months ago without this website. I thought it would be impossible so it was a big deal when i finally did them. Now that I know it is possible to learn to do the splits I desperately want to do the middle splits. My school winter break starts very late so I am going to start from week 2 and go from there during my break. I am very determined and hopefully it will work

    The way I got my right and left splits was pretty unique. When I was about 3 inches from the ground and not going anywhere I got so frustrated that I forced myself down into a very weak splits. It was a huge accomplishment for me. Afterwards my muscles were very sore for a week. I couldn’t even attempt to go more than a foot and a half down. When I recovered, I was even worse than where I started- 4 inches off the ground. However, I progressed much faster with my daily stretches. This was probably because I knew what it felt like to actually do it and in my mind it didn’t seem so impossible. Even the most determined person won’t be able to do it unless you can imagine what it feels like physically with your legs toughing the floor and believe you can do it. After about two weeks I could do the splits if I warmed up. They got better and better and now I can do a short over splits if I warm up. In the beginning it hurt me to do the splits whether I warmed up or not. Now it doesn’t hurt so much.

    Good luck to everyone trying-hope this helps!

  265. horseluvr

    love the website! im actually doing the stretches right now! its my first day, and im doing the vstretch and getting NOWHERE but i used to dance and every friday we would have to do this and i got ok at it and i quit, so now i am terrible!!!!! my legs loook like an actual v, thats how bad i am! there is another stretch, i dont know what its called, but u sit crisscross almost, but tuck your toe in the inside of your knee so its looks almost like a tight butterfly stretch, but crisscrossed. lean forward, and to the side and hug you knee. (<3 u knee!) and hold it. it may look easy, but its more challenging than you think, though with practice, easy to master. have fun stretching!!! 😉

  266. Rebecca

    For anybody that wants to be a cheerleader an is worried about things other than the splits, for example: jumps and kicks. Put ankle weights around your ankles an practice your jumps an kicks like you normally would. The extra weight makes your legs work harder so when you dont have the weights on, your legs will have Already had that extra momentum making jumps an kicks go the extra distance. So adding weights an stretching will make everything look better. Hope that helps!!!

  267. Mariah m

    Oh god’ this is genius.. my first day and reading through, can already tell it will help.. I do competitions in dancing and Im in beginners and I really need to get flexible because everyone else in my class is. Anyway another flood stretch is lie flat on your belly and lift your hands up and put them flat on the floor and lift your belly up straight and leave your legs flat on the floor and hold for about 30 seconds, up to a minute!:) hope it helps..

  268. Jamie

    You can do the leaver just bend one of your legs and then try to push your pelvis to the ground when you do that then move your leg a bit out each time

  269. Gabby

    okay so i am starting today on my right i am abt 4inches away left like 8 wish me luck 🙂

  270. Eve

    I am starting dancing in a few weeks and i haven’t done dancing in about 6 years and i am NOT FLEXIBLE at all. I’m like 2 feet off the ground when trying to do the splits. I really hope this works but its going to be hard with school and other commitments. Does anyone have any extra tips to help me?

  271. Hi everyone! so i’ve been stretching for 4 days now, and I already see tons of improvement! Here are the measurments of my splits:

    Left Split: 7 Inches

    Right Split: 9.5 Inches

    Middle Split: 12 Inches

    I’ll post back in a week! (:

  272. Faith

    I’m a flyer in my school cheerleading team and i really need to get those splits down. Hope this works.

  273. Anonymous

    Hope this works:) Wish me luck!!!!

  274. Briden

    I am 8yrs old amd i am a state gymnast and i know that this works because now i can even do splits and with my back leg i can reach my head although it took me longer to learn that but know i am supper flexible

  275. Montace

    Hi i am Briden’s sister and i am 10yrs old and i am also a gymnast and the younger you are the easier it is to do the splits so START STRETCHING NOW!!!!!!!! PS My other sister Eranther-Frin has just started this and has amazing results she’s almost as good a Briden

  276. Michie

    Started this today! Wow i hope it works! Im trying out for dance team in a few months and i NEED to get them down! 🙂 thx!!

  277. I am a bit older than the others commenting here. I am 34 years old and am returning to martial arts training after 14 years break. I have struggled to get much result over the past year but will attack it with renewed hope and trial your suggestion.

  278. Caitlin

    Im a dancer and I started 5 years ago I could not nail my splits and I had a comptition coming up and in our dance we did splits. I was scared that I could not do as good as all the othrer girls but I went on this and now I’m the best on my dance team when doing splits!!! THANKS!

  279. Mitchie

    I’ve been doing this for 3 daysnow and ive already noticed improvement! Thank goodness ive found this!

  280. Micky may

    Another good stretch is where you put you butt up against the wall with you legs up on the wall and try to touch the wall with your hands flat but keeping your back flat on the ground. This stretch helps with you muscle under the knee. ( I’m trying to learn the splits but I’m not getting there but this stretch really does work)

  281. Anonymous

    im thinking of trying this…, but i am super unflexable. also, when i go down sometimes it feels like i need to pop my knee, but it hurts and it doesn’t give me my full stretch. When i try to pop it,it won’t work. Any suggestions?

  282. Jessie

    This was very good info! I’m going to do exactly what you said, thanks!!! 🙂

  283. anonymous

    i’m a dancer and i’m going to use this, but i have been practicing my splits for the past half year or so and do them everyday but they still don’t get better, and everyday i have to almost “restretch” my splits (i do warm up) i don’t know if this is normal for other people or there’s something wrong with my muscles. my left leg is better than my right which is shocking because usually other people’s right leg is better. but when i’m as far down as i can go it’s like an inch or less on my left and like 3-4 inches on my right and my middle split is terrible it’s like a foot off the ground.

  284. Danae

    Trying this today! I used to do Ballet a long time ago. I am now 23 years old and working in a seated job has not helped my flexibilty! I do go to the gym every now and then but never do enough stretching so I end up with tighter legs from using the Leg Press Machine….Will be posting back with results!! Good luck everyone.

  285. ezelna

    I’m flat In left I’m a gymnast here is a tip. Sit on your but back straight try to open your legs as weid as posible point your feet then try to reach forward with your hands keep it there for 10 seconds and then put your hand on your right foot for 4 seconds do the same on the left the try to open your feet even more and then reach again forward with your hands and then go in middle splits

  286. I did the 3 week session which got me very close. Im about a cenemeter off the ground, and after the 3 weeks, i did the whole session again, but im stuck at where i was 3 weeks ago. Any suggestions? I need 2 get my splits down SOOOOOON for dance and synchronized swimming so i need answers quick please!!!

  287. Reham

    i am going to try this. i hope it works but seeing all these comments with people who learned it made me more positive and excited. i am going to put this page on my favs. thanks a lot. 🙂

  288. Perla

    I just finished try outs for my dance team and didn’t make it because I can’t do a aplit at all!!! Like I’m almost 3 ft off the ground any other stretches you guys recommend?

  289. Lauren

    Hi, should u you do these stretches in order as you have them?

  290. Ken

    So I’m starting tomorrow!! So exited my friend is super flexible and I’m really jealous. So I need to learn my splits to be one step closer to her!!

  291. jotirakus

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  292. Grace

    I compete in dance and I am a few inches from getting my right and left splits. I hope this works!😄

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  294. teenage girl

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  295. Kayla

    Hey. I’m SOO inflexible. It’s not even funny. I have never been able to do the splits. Always wanted 2 but never tried. I will try this and I really hope it works. It’s summer now so I can be more committed. I’m scared I will get too lazy. Well… trying doesn’t hurt.

  296. Emily

    Grrrrrrr…..the splits are hard…

  297. Iris

    Ok I’m going into color guard and I want to do it before the end I the summer and my friend said that she can push me into the splits and she said after she does it you would be able to always do it but I’m afraid she might hurt me way too much which way is better and I have training tomarrow..

  298. Maceyy

    I starting this tomorrow and I’m really excited I hope it world!! Thank you!!!!!:)

  299. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any points for beginner blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

  300. Mabble

    Hey, i tried out for a competion dance team and my dance teacher told me that i wasn’t ready and there was no way for me to be by next years classes, with this and some ballet tips from some other sites I will be ready to prove her wrong!!! i started today and will coment again in three weeks. lets hope this workes!!!!

  301. Jainey

    So for week 1, we do all of the stretches for 15 min each session? & for week 2 and 3, you just stretch for a longer time? Confused girl at the moment.

  302. Nara

    So if i do 15 stretches, each for a minute on week one, how long should i increase those stretches on week two and three? And im almost on week two and i havent seen any improvements yet ): especually not with my left leg, im not sure if its because i could be stretching past my limit or what?

  303. Mary Grace :)

    Okay. I saw this thing on another site for doing the splits. So you sit in a V stretch and you stretch your legs as far apart as they can go without hurting yourself.(Warm up before stretching. It makes it easier.) Then, you close your eyes and try to relax your muscles while still in the V stretch. You can now pull your legs farther apart. This will be helpful when trying to actually do the splits. Professional dancers use that trick. It really helps!!!! Love ya!

  304. hello, what are some good stretches that arnet written on the post thanks

  305. lilly

    so im starting tumbling this september and i am about 1/2 foot off the ground. I know its not mandatory for the class im in to be able to do the splits but i thought itd be so cool! i’ve been working on my splits for 1day now thanks to this website, i am closer than ive ever been to my splits 😀 thank youuuu

  306. Alyson

    I have my left and riht splits, just not my middle….i’m 15…I’m starting tomorrow august 13 2012 I’ll let you know how it goes in 3 weeks…fingers crossed!

  307. I can’t wait to get my split! It was bugging me how this is my 3rd year in gymnastics and I’m still 2 feet away from the ground. Thank you so much for this website!

  308. teisha

    Can we get some pictures of these stretches for those of us who need to see it to get it?? Please. Thank you so much


    i have been in cheer since i was 5 and now im 14. i have never been able to do the splits all those years. i have lost many opportunities to b captain because my lack of flexibility. i am a flyer and a tumbler so ive needed to get them down. ive tried everything my coaches and friends and other websites had recemended but none of it worked. then i found this website. i was so happy because i got my splits after 2 weeks and now i am captain of my cheer leading squad. this website really works and i recomend it to every one who wants to get theyre splits or improve theyre splits.

  310. Dont try this website!!!!!

    This website is bull shit! ive been doing these streches for 2 1/2 months now and absolutely NO improvment!!! dont try this. it doesnt work!

  311. Anonymous

    well i aam a gymnast go to my web site if you need tips by the way im only 9 yrs old gymnasticsgirl.co.uk/flexibility

  312. Hi im new doing split im not flexible im thick nd when i lean ford on the straddle my stomach hurts

  313. Hi im new doing split im not Flexiblee im thick nd when i lean ford on the straddle my stomach hurts can u you give me stretches that will help me get flexible enough to put my feet over my head nd i can do everything thats flexible

  314. Hi im going to try this and see if i can get my splits im not a dancer or gymnast but i do dancing at school with my friends and i want to be able to do the splits none of my friends can do them im a little bit flexible but i am terrible at my straddle splits i am about 2-2 half feet away 😦 but am about 1 inch away from my left and 3 inches from my right. Any way ill keep you updated on my progress today it is my first day today.

  315. Anonymous

    I am trying out for my school dance team my forward kicks need to almost be to my nose, perfect toe touch and leap, and all splits to the ground with perfect posture. Try outs are in April 2013. What should I do? (By the way I’m about 4:9 I weigh 85 pounds and I am 12)

  316. Hi guys I am extremely inflexible and I am going to try this. This is for people who aren’t close to the splits. I will post after each week and tell you how it works. Right now I am a little over 2 feet off the ground.

  317. Desi

    i’m a drill team captian and we all have to do the splits by december so i will work with my girls with these stretches!!! thanks guys!!

  318. Rebecca

    I really want my splits somebody please reply because I JUST CANT GET EM… i hope i will be able to after this….also can u put posts on how to do handsprings walkovers cartwheels and other things??? it will be extremly helpful

  319. Savvy

    My middle splits stink. I can do my left and right splits ok but are there any stretches I can do specifically for my middle splits?

  320. Stretchin_all_day

    Another good stretch is the half split, sometimes known as the “pigeon” stretch. You basically sit down and bend your right leg in front of you so that your heel is as close as you can get it to the bottom of your leg, then stretch out your left leg behind you as far as you can and try to focus on squaring your hips and pushing your pelvis toward the ground and stretching your leg back. You should try to put more weight on the front leg. Another little tip is that I have found rather than focusing on pushing down in stretches like this or the split focus on stretching your legs out, relax and picture a person on each foot gently pulling them apart, also picture your muscles relaxing. I like to picture mine as like melting chocolate or something. Oh and when going farther in a stretch always push down on the slow exhale, idk why but it helps (:

  321. Nathalie

    For another stretch you can do a butterfly and then spread your arms infront of you 🙂 ^.^

  322. Connie

    I’m In Drill And I Know It’s Very Hard To Do The Splits.In Fact I Still Dont Have Mine And I Have Drill Competition In 2 Weeks.I Have About 5 Inches Left.To Start Off My Coach Does Cardio With Us.For Example : Jumping Jacks,Push Ups,Etc.After That You Just Get Comfortable.Roll And Tilt Your Head.Then Roll Your Shoulders And Arms.Bend To The Right/Left Side,Flap Back (Make Your Back Like A Table While Reaching Your Hand Out) ,And Bend Down To Your Feet. (Your Legs Should Have A ( V ) While Doing This.And Hold Your Splits About 10 Minutes A Day Helps Also. Stretch Everyday !

  323. Jill

    I tried this and it didn’t work. It dosen’t work for me but it might still work for you, so try it but it 75% won’t work.

  324. Anonymous

    What would a good warm-up be?

  325. Anonymous

    Some people are naturally not as flexible like I. And it will take longer but it’s not impossible. Just keep going!

  326. Brooke

    Another good stretch is the “splits stretch”. Here’s how:
    Kneel on the ground with your left knee directly under your hips and your right knee in front of you in a 90 degree angle. Slide your right knee out about 1 foot. (Adjust as needed) lean forwards and you should feel the stretch in both thighs. Hold for about 1 minute. Switch legs.

  327. allison zornes

    Amazing, this really works!! Full splits is mine.

  328. Morgan

    Is this for middle splits? Or left and right? I need all 3 for allstar Cheer someone please respond!

  329. Nikky Valentino

    I’m in gymnastics I’ve been in it for about 2 years but i broke my leg so I had to stop for about a year because it was a very serious brake. I couldn’t do the splits anymore or cartwheels or round offs but now the only thing i cant do is the splits so ima try this. hope it works. ill tell u if it does

  330. I always say that we should add five minutes onto our daily stretching routine, every year that passes!

  331. Sky

    Another good stretch is to sit with both legs straight out in front of you. Then, take your left leg and “fold” it back to where it’s betn behind you, preferrably if your foot is touching your butt (try to work your way to the middle of your butt for this leg, i know it sounds weird but it works!) Next, you touch your right foot (alternating pointe and flex) with a straight back, almost as if your stomach is touching your knee. Just switch legs and do this for about 15 minutes each!

  332. Laura

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been working at my splits for quite some time now, and am about 3-4 inches off the ground. Will try doing some of these stretches to get down all the way!

  333. Anonymous

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  334. Anonymous

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  335. Nicole

    Um..this may sound really bad but I’m not quite sure why proper posture should look like? Can you help me?

  336. Anonymous

    this does not happen at all. You dont learn to do splits in three weeks trust me I tried

  337. Anonymous

    I hope this works. Some of my friends are really flexible and Im sooo jealous and i really want to be able to do left, right and centre splits soo yeah. i’m starting this soon and i hope it works!!!

  338. Kt

    I kinda lost my left split and I need it back for gymnastics pleas email me if you have anymore updates.

  339. Anonymous

    I reallllly need this to work! Any other streches?

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  341. Anonymous

    when i fart it feels good

  342. BatonSummerChallenge

    I am totally going to try this! I tend to the flexible side, but I have never gotten my splits.
    Nobody in my baton corps has splits, so the coaches told us that there would be a special prize for whoever has splits by the fall team placement tryouts. I have about six weeks left, but I figure three weeks to get splits and three to practice! It would be really cool to get all three types of split down by september, because I bet most girls will just try for their best side. My two great reasons to get splits: it would suck to be left out if almost everybody else got them over the summer, and it would be really cool if I was the only one to get them!
    I’m going to slavishly adhere to this schedule. I am prepared to be amazed!

  343. Heidi

    I really need to get my splits this summer. I am about a foot and three inches off the ground… It seems weird but I never thought to do more stretching each week! I’ve been doing about 30 minutes a night for almost a month, with no results except the first week!
    I’m going to stretch a lot today (hooray for summer vacation!) but officially start my stretching routine on Sunday. I have about a month before school starts… even though I’m homeschooled it means a lot of work.

  344. Gabby

    Hey thanks I started this at the right time THANK GOODNESS cheer starts in 4 weeks perfect time right? I’m soo excited to work on this I just finished stretching for my night time it would be great if you kept me updated when there’s a new stretch that you added I’m super excited thank you

  345. Heidi

    Today is my first official day of stretching. I’ve already done my early morning stretch but I’m sitting in a straddle on the floor as I write this. I’m really close to my left split– When all warmed up, I can get my left calf down. I’m so excited!

  346. Anonymous

    Take a minute break between streches or you could pull a muscle

  347. Heidi

    It’s only day 3 and my left split is almost perfect! My right and center splits are not budging, though, so if I can get my left split soon, I will have extra time to dedicate to the other directions. I know you should stretch both sides evenly, but I’m hoping to get my right split to catch up through bonus practice. I REALLY need my right split since I do cartwheels and stuff on my right side. Oh and by the way I only managed to stretch once today but I was better than ever!

  348. BatonSummerChallenge

    Oh my gosh I am so happy! I can almost get my left split completely! This really works! Something that I noticed after a few days was that in order to get good splits, you need to stretch out your back, too. Most hamstring stretches require a flexible back. On day two, I was thinking “AAAGH! I can’t even touch my toes!!!!” But then I realized my back was so stiff that I couldn’t even do a bridge. After a day or two of stretching, I could do back bends/recovery, and could get my nose to my knee!

  349. Glory

    Hi! First thanks so much for this page! But I would like to clarify the Half Squat stretch I was a little confused unless i was not reading it write lol but thanks !

  350. l am a ordinary person with cheerleaders as friends and they always impress me with the splits they learned it from the internet too and they asked me to try to do the splits from one of these sites and i will sue the person who made this if it does not work

  351. Anonymous

    im just starting now and i am very excited

  352. Josie

    How about the strech where from lunge, you bend your back leg and reach around with the opposite arm and pull your leg until your heel touches your butt (streches the hamstrings)

  353. Gift

    OMG!!!! Well, its not like i can just drop into them, but i can now do my left and my right. I’m on a drill team and our team splits are due this September. Most of the other first-year girls are still working on theirs. Now, for my middle. 🙂

  354. DD

    So u got your left and right splits using this site ?

  355. Jordan

    I need to have my right splits and my middle splits by December 2nd 2013. I am about as flexible as a rock and about 3 feet off my middle splits and with my side splits my knee goes to the sides. I have been stretching my right splits for a while but it doesn’t hurt and I can’t move down because my back leg moves into a L shape. Any ideas? I will be posting back in 3-4 weeks with results. Thank you sooooo much!!!

  356. BatonSummerChallenge

    After a few weeks of following this plan and many, many more of slacking off, I can sit in my right splits. My left splits aren’t that much farther.

  357. Anonymous

    im not getting anywhere with my splits!!! any quick tips from anyone??? plez help I really want to be able to do the splits soon:)

  358. hi im just starting i used to be able to do the spilts intil i injured my self so i hope this works again

  359. i love the spilts and im very interested in doing them , this will help me i will start today and update as i go along 🙂

  360. I used this method about two years back when I had a quite intense need for rapid flexibility and maintained it after I achieved the goal that I wanted from this site! But with a few weeks off and twice injuring my hip – my flexibility has diminished greatly this year! I am planning to begin this program again as of the 19th and get extremely serious about it as of the 7th of December! thanks – this site is absolutely fantastic!!

  361. Mikayla

    Hey all! I have been dancing for 13 years. When I was really young I was able to do my splits. This went away at around the age of 10. But, I started stretching like crazy and got it again when I was 12! But…..the summer came….and I lossed the splits 😦 I’ve been intensely practicing and stretching ever since. I am now 17 and I finally got both the right and left splits back a few weeks ago! 🙂 But here is my suggestion…ONCE YOU GET YOUR SPLITS KEEEEEEEP STRETCHING! If you don’t want to loose your splits like I did, continue stretching! It will be worth it in the long run 🙂 Good luck ladies! <33

  362. Hey I’m a 4th degree black belt in taekwondo. I’ve been taking for almost 12 years. I have my front splits but would like to get my over splits ( when you go past a straight split.) I’ve never been able to get my middle split! I am going to start this 3 week process and will tell y’all how it goes!!

  363. Anonymous

    this website helped me heaps, but I need to be able to do them soon?????? I need some quick tips!!!! plez!!!! SOS!!!

  364. Anonymous

    One incredible stretch in use a low stool or a stack of pillows and place one leg on top of them. Then go into your split. This will bring you a lot closer to the floor. The stack should be about a 6-10 inches. Start low and gradually make it taller. This really works! Also some advice would be don’t sit down after you go into your split because it rewinds your stretching; instead stand up right away and touch your toes to the best of our ability and you will feel better.

  365. stephanie

    thanks for this!! im about 8inches from my right split and 10 from my left splits. i need both in two months or less! i will let you know my progress starting from tomorrow.

  366. idlikeasponseronthisihaveamentaldisorderithinkitwouldhelpmecalmdownwithoutsomuchmedidicineidusedtosplitsinmyyouthalongtimeago

    Me icantafforditonmyown

  367. Have a look at video tutorial how to get middle splits fast. These exercises are working, checked myself 🙂

  368. I’m going to start this tomorrow (July 23rd, 2014). I’ve been trying a long time to get my splits so wish me luck 😛

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  370. Shelby

    I did flexibility classes for about 4 months and I got all my splits completely straight. I did them at the Central Coast in Australia, but you can also do them in Newcastle. http://www.getmoreflexible.weebly.com

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  374. Sarina

    Hi I am pretty flexible but I still need to do my Splitz I’m in my school’s dance team and I need to do the right Splitz for halftime at football games! Thx soooooo much I hope this helps football season is coming! I’ll give you update every week about my progress! Ohhhh, and I know a stretch!

    Idk what it’s called: stretch your right leg behind you, and put your left leg in front. Then, bend your left leg so that it makes a right angle in front of you. Then once your comfortable, stretch your body to lay on your leg. It’s kinda hard at first but it helps.

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  378. try one similar to the lunge but instead of just lunging take the elbow on the same side as the extended leg and try and touch the ground with your elbow on the inner thigh and hold repeat for other side

  379. Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your
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  380. Anonymous

    this sounds good! i hope it works

  381. patie....

    v been tryn buh i.end up nad sitin properly

  382. jp

    this is a bit late, but Katie ^, its called a Needle or a Spike.
    lol i think i tried this like 3 years ago and i think i did like 1 day but whatever i have a needle now and thanks lol

  383. Gabi Cobb

    What kind of warm ups do you do before you stretch?

  384. M

    I committed to 3 weeks, and I still did not do the splits, I had very little improvement.

  385. Anonymous

    great website! I’m following what you said and i’m already nearly there after 3 days thx sooooo much

  386. Glad I found this article. I’m with EverStretch and reading what I can find about stretching for general reference. Our goal is to make the best stretching equipment available on the market. Would love to pick your brain / hear your thoughts, so please feel free to contact me at wecareeverstretch.co

  387. Emily

    Has anyone gotten their splits in 3 weeks yet? I NEED my spilts. I joined dance later than everyone else and its embarrassing when 8 year olds are in the studio doing splits and you aren’t. I really want to be in this year’s competition team and our studio’s Nutcracker, but I can’t do that without the flexibility!

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