New Routines!

Marysue: Thanks for the comment! I’ll be creating some routines soon. Good luck with your team!

I love creating new routines, but I never really thought about putting them up on this site. I’m probably going to start creating some choreography (mainly drill, because that’s my strength). These will mostly be simple (good for try-out routines and small performances), and I’ll rate them easy, medium, or hard. I do realize that every team has a different number of members, so formations and groups will be different, but I’ll try to generalize them (ex: diamond formation, box, open circle, solid circle, etc.). Of course, you’re free to change up my routines and make formations or change moves to make your performance better.

I’ll try to get a really simple routine up by next week! So, how are those splits coming along? 😀


  1. gabriel martinez

    hey man thanks for making this website. tis really saves me a lot of time looking for routines on the net. but my drill instructor is probibly going to change it a little. thanks again.

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