Sky-High Kicks

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Everyone wants their kicks as high as possible. How do you get them there?

Well, the obvious thing to do is stretch. You can’t get high kicks if you aren’t flexible. Make sure you stretch daily, or as close to daily as you can. Stretching 7 hours in one day and never stretching again does not improve your flexibility. Gaining flexibility is a slow process that takes time.

One way to practice your kicks is to lay down, face up, and kick as high as you can. Hold your leg and pull it in to your nose as far as possible. Keep your leg straight, toes pointed. The furthest your leg can go is the highest your kick can be. If it is low, you need to continue stretching in this way. Pull your leg in as far as you can, hold about 8 seconds, relax, and repeat. Doing about 5 repetitions a day, both legs, is a good way to become more flexible.

Sometimes people have the flexibility and potential to have high kicks, but for some reason, they’re still not high. Why? Well, the flexibility is not a problem, it’s the technique. You can be extremely flexible, but still kick with flat feet, bent legs, bad posture, and flimsy support. These small errors can add up, and they can make your kicks lower. Kicking with flat feet (not-pointed toes) usually makes your kicks lower because it’s harder to do. If you’re having trouble getting those sky-high kicks but you’re flexible, remember to keep both of your legs straight, your kicking toe pointed, and your posture back.

It’s also important to stay in the same spot (unless you’re intending to move) while kicking. Moving around when you kick looks messy and clumsy. One way to practice this is to kick on a line, and when you’re done, see if you’re still on the line where you started. The best way to stay in that same spot is to think about it. If you’re thinking about staying on that line, you will be more aware of when you’re moving and going out of place.

Kicking is not only about flexibility, but also about technique. Both of these need to be practiced and improved in order to get beautiful kicks!

Comment and tell me if this helps!


  1. Alena

    This helped a lot! I like the new ways you teach things because at practice more yelling goes on than teaching.
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. brie

    i really like your content. it helps A LOT!

  3. awaa

    sick realy good

  4. Cassy

    The stretch that you gave to help make my kicks higher , where do you hold your leg , above the knee or below ? I feel like i can go farther with my hands below my knee .

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous


  7. Candice

    thank you so much your tips really help me

  8. sex addicts anonymous

    erm, will these flexibility stretches improve quality of sex?
    like, with the extra flexibility should allow your partner to penetrate more deeply. right??

    sex addicts anonymous

  9. summer

    eww thats just gross. these stretches are 4 improved flexibility in general. why did you feel the need to bring that into it? its gross.
    btw thanks for this post. it really helped me improve my flexibility

  10. mzbomb

    you just nasty gurl you dnt use this for sex you sex addict go get another hobby u probalbly white you nasty gurl sike i have sex every nite when my man comes home i;m just playin wit u n all ya’ll haterz of this message come get some yep i’m a junior that want sum one to step up now what.

  11. Brenale

    this is quite helpful because i can do my splits but my kicks aren’t as high as i want them to be, but they have improved

  12. Emee

    yea i am like the girl up there when i am having sex will this help my leg go higher so he get more in to my vagina

  13. Ellen

    i am bout to try this i hope it works i will let you know



  14. Camo

    I saw that there was some good advice, good technique and flexibility work hand in hand, also flexibilty enhances your balance* But I would suggest to move around with your kicks as you become more advanced, that way you will continue to improve your balance and cooridination instead of depriving yourself by staying stationary, also learn to develope good footwork, espeacially if you want to become a skilled fighter, you can evade more blows with your footwork than you can with your limbs, if you are good, this will also promote your stamina and endurance, with skillful footwork you can easily wear out your opponent espeacially if your opponent is not accustomed to training weekly, and then WAM! Give’m all you’ve got!

  15. parkpoms123_future_

    that is soo sadd u girlss aree talking a bout bedroom stuff nd its probolly little kids reading this stuff please keep this pg.

  16. CheerCaptain

    seriously guys I’m a 7th grade cheerleader trying to improve my kicks and u you guys are talking about what you do at night. NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW!

  17. ian

    flexability is all good but what about the hard part… building up the muscle that gets your leg up there!

  18. Ridiculous

    Comments number 8 and 12 (and also I think number 10) are completely out of place. I am 14 years old and just trying to get better at my gymnastics and dancing. I would send a lot of younger girls (10-12 range) in my baton corps to this site, for the helpful posts, but am afraid to because of the comments. You folks need to stop. NOBODY wants to know about what you’re talking about!

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