Practicing Angles

Angles matter a whole lot. If one is off, the whole team is off. Every single little thing counts in drill. So, how do you make all those angles perfect? How do you awe the judges that are watching your every move?

Well, you can’t have perfect angles without good posture. Roll your shoulders back and push them down. You need an arched back and your body should be stiff. Only after attaining this posture should you practice angles.

Start off on your own. Practicing angles in the mirror is ideal because you can see exactly what each and every angle looks like. After going over every individual angle, practice with counts and the music. Make sure that these angles are placed in the correct locations and while you’re at it, keep your movements sharp. Angles that are correctly placed but not sharp won’t exactly do you much good.

After this, plan a day with the team to practice angles (or suggest a practice to your captain or coach). By doing this, you can learn to match angles. Stand in a line with people relatively your height and hit each angle one by one. A captain or coach that’s standing in front of this line should see every single arm at the same position. Go through maybe a few 8-counts with this angle-matching method each practice. Your arms should be pretty sore by the end of this, because it takes a lot of repetitions to get the angles just perfect. It’s probably not a good idea to practice angles for over half an hour at a time. Arms will get sore and you shouldn’t strain the team. Just wait another day and let the soreness lead to built muscles!

An important concept about drill is that everything matters. You can’t just be sharp and have crappy angles; likewise, you can’t just have good angles and no sharpness. It all has to go together. Remember though, you need to take things one step at a time. You can always start off by practicing angles at the beginning of the year so that they are well memorized by the end! Good luck!


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