Making Your Choreography Interesting

A routine is boring if there’s no and-counts and variations. It also gets boring if it’s entirely symmetrical. Make sure you vary routine and follow these tips:

1. Use &-counts when the music calls for it
Once you become experienced in listening to music, you can see where the and-counts are meant to be. If you count the music and it sounds like there should be an and-count there, try it out. It will probably fit in perfectly and add some more variation and appeal in the routine. Judges don’t want to see straight counts without variations, so add them in so you don’t bore the judges.

2. Don’t make it so symmetrical

If you have a high V in your left hand, that doesn’t mean you need one in your right hand also. Do different angles with each arm, for example, a goalpost left arm and a low V right arm. It gets really boring when every part of your body is mirroring itself.

3. Don’t switch every move
This means that you shouldn’t, for example, switch from a right diagonal to a left one too many times. Other examples are a high V to low V, a right check to a left check, a right fan kick to a left fan kick, etc. It’s ok to switch, but don’t do it continuously throughout an 8-count. It gets boring.

4. Make move transitions different

You don’t have to go straight to moves. Swirl to them, break up to them, or do some other types of transitions. It makes it look a lot more interesting and also has a neat effect. It also makes the team members look together if they know exactly how they’re getting from one move to the next.

5. Do several moves at once
Just because you’re marching doesn’t mean your arms should be still. From what I’ve seen from teams, they tend to march a whole 8-count in one arm move. You can do moves and march at the same time, it’s not too difficult.

6. Don’t be predictable
This goes with step 3. You don’t want the judges to be able to predict what you’ll do. Make up new things for every performance. Creativity can never end, so make sure you think of something that the audience will be awed by. When I’m watching teams, I already have seen a million of the same angles, marching, floorwork, kicks, etc. Change it up and open up the judges eyes. They’ve seen a million routines and they want to see something different for once. After all, kicks, floorwork, etc. were only recently added to drill. Drill is based off military marching, so everything it is now has all been added by many creative people. There wasn’t always music to drill. Maybe there’s something different that you can think of.

That’s it for now; I hope it helps!


  1. ziggie16

    Well, i printed out the 3 week plan! I Hope it works!

  2. ziggie16

    Well i”m about to start the 3 week plan! Wish me luck!

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