How to Become More Flexible


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Edit 3/23/07: Moira–in order to become more flexible, the best solution is to stretch routinely. Stretching daily allows you to build flexibility and maintain it the next day. This eliminates the amount of flexibility that you lose from not stretching for long periods of time. Some useful stretches are listed at the end of this article: Important things to remember about gaining flexibility:
Stretch correctly:
Make sure you are holding each stretch for an appropriate amount time (1-3 minutes depending on the stretch), and make sure you feel the stretch where you are supposed to.
Stretch routinely:
Flexibility is something that you have to build. Once you stop, flexibility doesn’t just stop building–it collapses. When gymnasts stop stretching for long periods of time, getting into the splits becomes very difficult as a result of the loss of flexibility. Stretch daily if possible.
Stretch more than one muscle:
It is important to stretch several muscles. If, for instance, you are interested in doing the splits, you must stretch several leg muscles and not just one. Stretch everywhere that you must.
It takes time:
Stretching isn’t a one-day thing. Be patient so that you don’t lose motivation.
I hope this helps you gain the flexibility that you asked for. If not, please feel free to email me or post another comment at the new site (

Edit 9/4/06: For help on the splits, read Flexibility to the Max–Stretch your splits in 3 weeks!

You’ve been stretching what seems like forever, but you still haven’t got the splits down after a year or so. It seems impossible, and you start asking yourself if you’re incapable of doing the splits. Maybe the right question to ask is if you are stretching correctly, doing the right stretches, and stretching frequently enough.

Being able to do the splits isn’t just based on being flexible in one area. A lot of people tend to stretch the same muscles everyday, but never get the splits down. This may because they are doing the wrong stretches. Another possibility is that they aren’t performing the stretches correctly. Make sure you use a variety of stretches and also perform them correctly. Stretching improperly won’t do you any good.

Being flexible also requires a lot of stretching. You need to be stretching daily, for at least 15 minutes. You can’t just compensate and decide to stretch for two hours every Saturday. It doesn’t work that way–you have to stretch daily in order to build up on it. Your flexibility improves everyday, but it also digresses. If you stretch once a week, you’ll become more flexible, but by the next week, you will lose all the flexibility that you gained. That’s why you have to stretch daily–so that you build flexibility and don’t lose it.

One important tip for stretching is to do it after warming up. Your muscles are much easier to stretch while they’re warm and it won’t feel as painful while stretching cold. You’ll get better results this way and have less risks of pulling a muscle.

Another tip is to stretch while at practice. I know you probably warm up and stretch, but while stretching, you can’t just talk to your friends and be in a stretching position while doing so. You have to think about stretching and focus on becoming more flexible. You can sit in a stretching position for hours and get no stretch at all. You actually have to stretch to your limits in order to improve your flexibility. After awhile, your stretching limits will expand because you are becoming more flexible. You will be able to get another inch down into your splits. And week after week, if you continue focusing, you’ll get it!

Just remember that flexibility is attainable if you focus hard and stretch often. Don’t let your flexibility digress more than it improves.


*NOTE*: 1/16/07–this site has moved to
This article and new articles are posted there!

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  1. i have been able to do right leg first splits for ages and am quite flexible in other ways too. but i dont feel like im gettin any further i want to be able to do flips and things like that. let me know if you have any results!!! lauren x x x

  2. s.e

    I can kind of do the splits. i get my right leg all the way out but my left leg bends a bit. How can i get it to become more flexible. Also if anyone has and tips could you let me knoe becuase my goal is to become more flexible then my best friend cos she always shows off and i wont to be able to say well look what i can do.

  3. Nicole

    I used to be captain of my swim team in highschool 4 years ago. I was very flexible and I want to get back to it. I have been out of partice and gained a bit of weight. I could use a lot of help becoming flexible again and losing some weight. I have 4months to lose 55 pounds and become able to do a spilt. PLEASE HELP ME.!!!!


    I have a double jointed spine and I really want to become a contortionist, I can go all the way down in all 3 splits, right, left, and middile. But I want to do alot more than that, I can go into a bridge, reach far and grab my ankels, causing me to fold myself in half backwards, But I am a very extreme person and that does not seem like enough, someone help me!

  5. s.e

    well a coupl eof months ago i i couldn’r keep my back leg straight but now i can!!!!!! all i did was stetch i dunno wot strtches i did i just made them up. Now i’m trying to get to middle splits but ust can’t do it please let me know if u have and advise PLEASE

  6. S.M.

    I ALMOST have my left splits down, but I cant seem to get my back leg to straighten out without feeling like my muscles have been ripped out of my legs… there any special stretches that can take care of this??

  7. What it is better at rehabilitation after a stretching of muscles? To me have advised only rest, but probably there is what that special means? WBR LeoP

  8. CourttX2

    i have my right split, almost a left split, and about a year ago i had my middle split then lost it. i don’t know what else I can do to improve this. I can also do a bridge and walk my hands back to about an inch away from my feet but i want to be able to grab my ankles, please help, thank you!

  9. i am a level 5 gymnast and i am very flexible but i want to be even more flexbile. help

  10. Anonymous

    i wanna put my leg straight up in the air how do i do that?? is it possible if you have shortlegs

  11. Jacquelyn

    I Am Very Inflexible. I Am Only Double-Jointed In My Thumbs Wich I Can Reach All The Way To My Wrist Lolz.

  12. tip for Jacquelyn

    My name is Michaela,
    I am pretty flexible and let me say I am only double jointed in my thumbs. Being double jointed doesn’t actually make you much more flexible unless maybe it’s in the back. Don’t worry, just keep stretching and eventually you will build up your flexibility strength.

  13. Michaela

    Ican do right splits , noyt far from middle and far from left. I really need to improve my left and middle. I am not actually concerned bout that cause my friends can’ t do any way but two of them aren’t far from middle. A girl my age at gymnastics the other day came to pick her sister up who was in the higher level and it said on equipment don’t use unless your attending class. Then she used it any way and after that she showed off by doing a walkover and flipping back over . I really wanted to learn that !!! My back is pretty flexible Imean I can do a fall in bridge ! If you have any advice on learning how to do a walkover and flipping back over plz plz plz tell me !!! I need help

  14. Tilley

    I really want to become more flexible to become a better dancer cause I’m not really good at doing the kicks and I’m horrible at the splits.Please give us some tips on better stretches!

  15. K.T.

    Hey I am a bigger girl and I used to be flexible as a kid and a young teenager and was wondering if anyone knew about how long it will take for me to get back to that I do some stretches every once in awhile but never seem to stay with it daily ya know. Well tips and help are needed and welcome here otherwise I would not be asking for help, I want to be really flexable again, HELP.

  16. K.T.

    About the above please e-mail all help and suggestions to

  17. Tiger Scorpion Asana

    I’ve always been the tall, muscle-y, flexible-as-a-log girl in my class. I always envied the tiny petite girls who can like fold their bodies into wallets. But I never found the right motivation. Now I have. The Tiger Scorpion Asana move! Holla! So I will, WILL work on being limber! Take THAT, skinny minnies!

  18. Dave

    I used to be flexible, as i am a martial artist although i have taken a break from it and have hit the gym, now it hurts just to straighten my legs. it is very painful strechting if you are bodybuilding, is there an easier way to strech into your hamstrigns without the normal touching your toes

  19. jade

    Do you still stretch if your muscles are sore because it hurts when you try to stretch when your muscles are sore. When I stretch my muscles are sore from stretching the day before.

    Sometimes when I stretch I also get a headache right after. Is that normal?

  20. kenzie

    well jade if you stretch enough your muscles wont hurt so yes you should stretch when you are sore BUT DONT PUSH IT!!good luck jade

  21. Natalie

    hey I am really flexible and I do gymnastics.

  22. Ray

    I have been able to do all the splits, all walkovers, cartwheels, round offs, and jumps. I can mix them up and everything. I am working on back hand springs and I need helpful tips to get me there quickly but I will not rush it

  23. Kaila

    Ima rhythmic gymnast. Rhythmic gymnmastics depends mostly on flexibilty. I am down in splits all 3 wayz easily. And splits with one foot on a chair at the front and one foot on a chair at the back.
    I can touch my head to my bum and fold in half

  24. Gymnastluvr56

    I think personally that the best stretch you should do if you have any type of running in your sports or hobbies. Is to stretch your hamstrings because it is really easy to pull a hamstring and when you do, you by all means wont enjoy it. You will probably have to put ice on your hamstring if you pull it. You also probably wont be able to do sports for about two weeks or untill it is healed.

  25. Lauren

    HI! I really want to get my splits down but I can barely find the time. Are there any quick like 5-min stretches that will help me get my splits down?!

  26. sharon

    i want to become flexible so i can get my splits down and also be able to do more routines on a balance beam what streches can help?

  27. lippy

    i can nearly get my legs over my head i am really flexible but there is not enough comations where i live so i have to keep going to england!xxx lippy

  28. elain

    i am a good gymnast when i was p2 my coach said i could go to the british campionships but i was doing ice skatting and now im not as flexible what do i do

  29. advice is to a gymnast and i take dance classes..the key to flexibility is to stretch…and that you must do everyday.It wont come over night..i am able to do the right and left splits..but im close to the middle.And you just must stretch..ok to help everyone to get to the middle splits you must get to an area where there is carpet, and get 2 pillows…then you must slowly middle split. and then when you cant go any more then place you hands on the ground to hold yourself up and you hold that position for 60 for your right and left splits you need to do a standing lung if ya know what that is then if you dont google it..also a low lunge also..umm also theres a yoga pose its called the pigeon stretch..umm do a side lunge..and sit down on the floor, and have your legs straight in front of you, and make ur head touch ur kness..and flex ur feet..hold that for 60 sec…those other stretches can be held for at lest 15 to 30 sec…and you can go to google and search for hip opener pictures..those will really for the middle splts again you can go into the frog position and google that if u dont know..umm you can also put ur but close to a wall and slowly open ur legs for the middle split..and just hold it, also stand up and stretch ur leg on a wall too all those help..and like i said before the key to flexibility is to stretch..and if ur having some much trouble with gettin flexible..then try and get ur parents to put u in a dance studio or gymnastics those would really if anyone needs more info im willing to give it so, my myspace profile is just hit me up- i hope my info helps!!

  30. kel*

    hey i have my left and right split n i have my middle but middle doesnt hurt at all so does that mean its not streching…

  31. mack :)

    hey i was a level 7 gymnast but then stopped and now im a varsity dancer at my school. i have both my splits down and the way i got them was stretching. everyday i would get in my hot tub for about 15 minutes then stretch and do my splits. i go to a point where it hurts, push a little farther, and hold it for a minute. works like a charm. make sure you do it everyday. i still need to get my middle split though i just dont have too good of hip flexors.

  32. SongstressLenne

    hmm…if you want to do you have to be flexible..??
    And I want to know how to do a proper bridge with out bending my knees..does anyone know a good stretch for the back..??

  33. Sarah

    after about a month and a half, i have been able to do alot of things that lots of people cant do. i was playing truth or dare with my friends yesterday, and they dared me to do a bunch of different moves that they cant do, and they were amazed!! that you!

  34. i can’t even touch my toes!!! what moves should i do?

  35. shacarley

    i can nearlly do da splits but wanna do middle splits wat i do ?

  36. shawnjohnsonsfan

    Hey, I am just dying to be in the olympics for gymnastics just like shawn! I have one slight issue that issue is that i am not flexible at al!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  37. Kayla

    I can do the right splits but nothing else. I want to make the 8th grade dance team but you have to do all 3 splits and a toe touch. I have been doing streches for about a week now & dont see any improvement. Can you please help me?

  38. Someone

    Some of u r rlly naive. Always asking help on how to do da splits in a couple of months. Problem is it don’t take months to do splits(however it may be possible), it takes years! I know some ppl who have studied taekowndo for bout 6 yrs and have not been able to do a full split… Best advice I can give u is to stretch bout 30 min a day twice and have patience…

  39. Ashlie

    I can’t do any splits at all i used to be able to do a middle split but I can’t im about to go into gymnastics do you have to be flexible to go into gymnastics?

  40. KAR

    I used to do gymnastics, but then my mom wouldnt let me anymore. so i kinda have a background in gymnastics, but i am not flexible anymore. i have been streching everyday but i want things to go faster and i really want to go back into gymnastics. What should i do?

  41. Rebekah

    okay well this did help me but i couldnt find the streches at the bottom of the page to help me so if you could put somewhere i could find the that would be very helpful thank you (:

  42. How’s things…

    Am new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself and say “Hi”.


    Neuro Linguistic Programming

  43. re re

    thanks!i found out i am super flexieverywhere\!

  44. natalia

    hi i know how to do a split but plz help me with fronth and back flip and backwalkover plz

  45. Baylee

    i am young and i want to get into dance and i always wanted to be that flexible girl,and i just cant get balance and flexibility down please tell me how to get this…please i always wanted this

  46. Anonymous

    well i have something to say i got all my splits after a year and 3 months so dont rush it gosh ppl

  47. Thank you I sooo much ur advice helped me in my school play when I had 2 do a split 🙂

  48. Alyssa

    hey. i just quit dance and i am losing flexibility. I need help doing the splitz all the way down and many other trix. plz plz plz plz plz help me

  49. Rebekah

    I want to become flexible but I’m 12 and I ain’t very flexible. How do I also com over the fear of falling and hurting myself? Please help me!!! Thanks!!!

  50. Niki

    I can do right leg splits and I am in Calisthenics and in our concert I have to do middle splits but I cant do it. Have you got any more tips????

  51. Logan

    This really helped me become more flexible

  52. Sydney N.

    Hello this article is by far the best one I have seen about trying to do the splits! First I want to say thank you for this information!! Anyways I almost have my split!! Buuuut with only my left leg being in front! I try and try with my right and I just feel like something’s just ripping out of place and trying to come out (a little to discriptive I’m sorry) do I just stretch every day on that leg also?

  53. I am sure this piece of writing has touched all the internet people, its really really pleasant paragraph on
    building up new web site.

  54. Have a look at video tutorial how to get middle splits fast. These exercises are working, checked myself 🙂

  55. Anonymous

    This actually helps us it helped me become very flexable in one day and i was able to do gymastics at school

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    […] Become flexible If you stay flexible, it helps you to maintain your muscle tone and active and as result you will not be having mobility problem when you grow older. The movements on the cross trainers are side to side, down and up and forwards and backwards. […]

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