Finding Places to Practice

You’re having some trouble finding places to practice. The gym is always booked because other sports need it. Especially if you keep a consistent schedule, it’s hard to have a place booked everytime you practice (ex: if you practice Mondays to Thursdays, it’s hard to always have a place to practice).

Do you always think that you need a facility to practice in?

That’s an error in thinking. You don’t always need a place–not a facility at least. If you’re always scheduling practice according to when something is available, you’re wasting time. You’re also making members frustrated because you’re probably keeping an inconsistent schedule.

Captains and coaches are so focused on “we need the gym” that they fail to see what they need to work on. Mainly the gym is helpful for formations/entrance/exit. There’s lots more to the drill curriculum than that! You don’t need a gym to work on your posture, angles, flexibility, or sharpness. So stop trying to hard to book the gym! You don’t need it all the time. For the times that it is available, take advantage of it, but don’t spend your time trying to get every practice at the gym.

You can practice your posture, angles, and sharpness basically anywhere. If you think there’s nowhere to practice, just walk outside. If it’s raining, you can practice in the hall or commons. You just need to plan practices correctly. Book the gym whenever available, and that will be for working on formations, entering, and exiting the gym. Whenever not available, plan other things. Work on your marching and technique. Don’t be so focused on just one area, either. You might impress the judge with your angles but make them wince at your formations. Just work on the areas that need work and do a good job planning.

Remember, you don’t need a facility all the time. Just plan accordingly!


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